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M23 A Series
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M23 A Series

MotionGrade™ M23 Cord Grips

Amphenol Sine Systems Corp

Designed for demanding environment industrial applications

  • Lowest installed cost
  • Superior shielding
  • Cable strain relief
  • Fluid resistance and sealing
  • All M23 A series inserts come with three coding keys
  • Ideally suited for advanced servo drive encoder feedback applications, packaging, robotic, printing, machine tool, medical and automation environments where control signal transmission or power are required in a robust and compact delivery system.
  • Color:Gray
  • Includes:Gasket, Nut, Seal
  • Ingress Protection:IP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof
  • Material:Zinc
  • Type:Cable Grip

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MA3CG-S2MA3CG-S2CABLE GRIP 7.5-11MM ZINC Cable Grip0.30" ~ 0.43" (7.5mm ~ 11.0mm)--RoHS
MA3CG-S1MA3CG-S1CABLE GRIP 4.5-7.5MM ZINC Cable Grip0.18" ~ 0.30" (4.5mm ~ 7.5mm)--RoHS
MA3CG-S3MA3CG-S3CABLE GRIP 11-15MM ZINC Cable Grip0.43" ~ 0.59" (11.0mm ~ 15.0mm)--RoHS

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