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Texas Instruments
LMK61PD Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments
LMK61x2 Evaluation Modules
Texas Instruments
LMK62E2-156M Evaluation Module

LMK61x2 Evaluation Modules

Ultra-Low-Jitter Programmable Oscillator Evaluation Modules

Texas Instruments

The LMK61XX EVM provides a complete platform to evaluate the clock performance of the Texas Instruments LMK61XX Ultra-Low Jitter Crystal Oscillator family with a diverse selection of output frequencies and format. The LMK61XX EVM can be used as a clock source for compliance testing, performance evaluation, and initial system prototyping. The onboard edge-launch SMA ports provides access to the LMK61XX ultra-low jitter clock outputs for interfacing to test equipment and reference boards using commercially available coaxial cables, adapters, or baluns (not included). This connectivity enables integrated system level testing between TI’s LMK61XX and third-party FPGA/ASIC/SoC reference boards.

  • Function:Clock Oscillation
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Timing

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LMK61E2-312M50EVMLMK61E2-312M50EVMEVAL BOARD FOR LMK61E2-312M50 ----
LMK61E2-156M25EVMLMK61E2-156M25EVMLMK61E2-156M25EVM ULTRA-LOW-JITTTimingClock Oscillation-LMK61E2-156M25
LMK61I2-100M00EVMLMK61I2-100M00EVMLMK61I2-100M00 ULTRA-LOW-JITTER TimingClock Oscillation-LMK61I2-100M00
LMK61A2-125M00EVMLMK61A2-125M00EVMLMK61A2-125M00 ULTRA-LOW-JITTER TimingClock Oscillation-LMK61A2-125M00
LMK61A2-156M25EVMLMK61A2-156M25EVMEVALUATION MODULE TimingClock Oscillation-LMK61A2-156M25
LMK61A2-312M50EVMLMK61A2-312M50EVMEVALUATION MODULE TimingClock Oscillation--
LMK61E2-100M00EVMLMK61E2-100M00EVMEVAL BOARD FOR LMK61E2-100M00 TimingClock Oscillation-LMK61E2-100M00
LMK61E2-125M00EVMLMK61E2-125M00EVMEVAL BOARD FOR LMK61E2-125M00 TimingClock Oscillation-LMK61E2-125M00
LMK61A2-100M00EVMLMK61A2-100M00EVMEVALUATION MODULE TimingClock Oscillation-LMK61A2-100M00

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Texas Instruments Programmable Timers and Oscillators
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Integrated Circuits (ICs)-Clock, Timing-Programmable Timers and Oscillators