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TS820-600FP and STGF10NC60KD Evaluation Board
Texas Instruments
LM2758 Evaluation Board
Würth Elektronik
LED Demo Board
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LM2758 Evaluation Board

LM2758TLEV Evaluation Board using the LM2758 Switched Capacitor Flash LED Driver in DSBGA

Texas Instruments

The LM2758 is an integrated low-noise, high-current switched capacitor DC/DC converter with a regulated current source. The device is capable of driving loads up to 700mA from a single-cell Li-Ion battery. Maximum efficiency is achieved over the input voltage range by actively selecting the proper gain based on the LED forward voltage and current requirements.

  • Embedded:No
  • Function:Camera Flash
  • Primary Attributes:Charge Pump, 700mA Flash Mode, Torch, Flash, and Shutdown Modes
  • Secondary Attributes:4 Capacitor, 1 Resistor to Set Current, Internal Soft Start
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Opto/Lighting
  • Utilized IC / Part:LM2758