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Bivar Inc.
RL1-xxx Series
Essentra Components
LEDM-1 and LEDM-2
Essentra Components
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LEDM-1 and LEDM-2

Metric LED Spacers

Essentra Components

These LED Spacers are available in three different styles to accommodate both T-1 and T-1 3/4 LED's. They provide height control and lead wire retention and stability. They have a self-retaining feature for auto insertion and pre-assembly.

  • Color:Black
  • Material:PVC

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LEDM-2-03LEDM-2-03LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 3MM Black0.118" (3.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-09LEDM-1-09LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 9MM Black0.354" (9.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-02LEDM-2-02LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 2MM Black0.079" (2.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-02LEDM-1-02LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 2MM Black0.079" (2.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-04LEDM-2-04LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 4MM Black0.157" (4.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-03LEDM-1-03LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 3MM Black0.118" (3.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-06LEDM-2-06LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 6MM Black0.236" (6.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-04LEDM-1-04LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 4MM Black0.157" (4.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-09LEDM-2-09LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 9MM Black0.354" (9.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-08LEDM-2-08LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 8MM Black0.315" (8.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-11LEDM-2-11LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 11MM Black0.433" (11.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-10LEDM-2-10LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 10MM Black0.393" (10.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-06LEDM-1-06LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 6MM Black0.236" (6.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-08LEDM-1-08LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 8MM Black0.315" (8.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-10LEDM-1-10LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 10MM Black0.393" (10.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-13LEDM-2-13LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 13MM Black0.512" (13.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-13LEDM-1-13LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 13MM Black0.512" (13.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS
LEDM-2-21LEDM-2-21LED SPACER 3MM T-1 BLACK 21MM Black0.827" (21.00mm)T1PVCRoHS
LEDM-1-21LEDM-1-21LED SPACER 5MM T-1-3/4 BLK 21MM Black0.827" (21.00mm)T1 3/4PVCRoHS

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