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Littelfuse Inc.
iTMOV® Series
Littelfuse Inc.
LA Series
Littelfuse Inc.
LC Series

LA Series

Radial Leaded, Metal Oxide TVS Varistors

Littelfuse Inc.

The LA Series of transient voltage surge suppressors are radial-lead varistors (MOVs) that are designed to be operated continuously across AC power lines. These UL recognized varistors require very little mounting space, and are offered in various standard lead form options.

  • Energy absorption capability
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Capacitance @ Frequency:50pF ~ 9000pF
  • Current - Surge:1.2kA ~ 6.5kA
  • Energy:11J ~ 360J
  • Frequency Coupled to Capacitance @ Frequency:1MHz
  • Maximum AC Volts:130V ~ 1kV
  • Maximum DC Volts:175V ~ 1.2kV
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Number of Circuits:1
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 85°C (TA)
  • Varistor Voltage (Max):220V ~ 1.8kV
  • Varistor Voltage (Min):184.5V ~ 1.5kV
  • Varistor Voltage (Typ):205V ~ 1.65kV

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V130LA2PV130LA2PVARISTOR 205V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 130V175V184.5V205VDisc 7mmRoHS
V130LA5PV130LA5PVARISTOR 205V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 130V175V184.5V205VDisc 10mmRoHS
V130LA10APV130LA10APVARISTOR 205V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 130V175V184.5V205VDisc 14mmRoHS
V130LA20APV130LA20APVARISTOR 205V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 130V175V184.5V205VDisc 20mmRoHS
V130LA20BPV130LA20BPVARISTOR 205V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 130V175V190V205VDisc 20mmRoHS
V130LA1PV130LA1PVARISTOR 220V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 130V175V198V220VDisc 7mmRoHS
V140LA20APV140LA20APVARISTOR 220V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 140V180V198V220VDisc 20mmRoHS
V140LA2PV140LA2PVARISTOR 220V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 140V180V198V220VDisc 7mmRoHS
V140LA5PV140LA5PVARISTOR 220V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 140V180V198V220VDisc 10mmRoHS
V140LA10APV140LA10APVARISTOR 220V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 140V180V198V220VDisc 14mmRoHS
V150LA2PV150LA2PVARISTOR 240V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 7mmRoHS
V150LA5PV150LA5PVARISTOR 240V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 10mmRoHS
V150LA10APV150LA10APVARISTOR 240V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 14mmRoHS
V150LA20APV150LA20APVARISTOR 240V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 150V200V216V240VDisc 20mmRoHS
V150LA20BPV150LA20BPVARISTOR 229.5V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 150V200V216V229.5VDisc 20mmRoHS
V150LA1PV150LA1PVARISTOR 250V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 150V200V225V250VDisc 7mmRoHS
V175LA5PV175LA5PVARISTOR 270V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 175V225V243V270VDisc 10mmRoHS
V175LA10APV175LA10APVARISTOR 270V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 175V225V243V270VDisc 14mmRoHS
V175LA20APV175LA20APVARISTOR 270V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 175V225V243V270VDisc 20mmRoHS
V175LA2PV175LA2PVARISTOR 270V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 175V225V243V270VDisc 7mmRoHS
V230LA4PV230LA4PVARISTOR 360V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 7mmRoHS
V230LA20APV230LA20APVARISTOR 360V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 14mmRoHS
V230LA40APV230LA40APVARISTOR 360V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 20mmRoHS
V230LA10PV230LA10PVARISTOR 360V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 230V300V324V360VDisc 10mmRoHS
V250LA4PV250LA4PVARISTOR 390V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 250V330V351V390VDisc 7mmRoHS
V250LA10PV250LA10PVARISTOR 390V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 250V330V351V390VDisc 10mmRoHS
V250LA20APV250LA20APVARISTOR 390V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 250V330V351V390VDisc 14mmRoHS
V250LA40BPV250LA40BPVARISTOR 383.5V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 250V330V354V383.5VDisc 20mmRoHS
V250LA2PV250LA2PVARISTOR 410V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 250V330V369V410VDisc 7mmRoHS
V250LA40APV250LA40APVARISTOR 390V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 250V330V351V390VDisc 20mmRoHS
V275LA4PV275LA4PVARISTOR 430V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 275V369V387V430VDisc 7mmRoHS
V275LA10PV275LA10PVARISTOR 430V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 275V369V387V430VDisc 10mmRoHS
V275LA20APV275LA20APVARISTOR 430V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 275V369V387V430VDisc 14mmRoHS
V275LA40APV275LA40APVARISTOR 430V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 275V369V387V430VDisc 20mmRoHS
V275LA2PV275LA2PVARISTOR 450V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 275V369V405V450VDisc 7mmRoHS
V275LA40BPX10V275LA40BPX10VARISTOR 421V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 275V369V389V421VDisc 20mmRoHS
V275LA40BPV275LA40BPVARISTOR 421V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 275V369V389V421VDisc 20mmRoHS
V300LA4PV300LA4PVARISTOR 470V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 300V405V423V470VDisc 7mmRoHS
V300LA20APV300LA20APVARISTOR 470V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 300V405V423V470VDisc 14mmRoHS
V300LA40APV300LA40APVARISTOR 470V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 300V405V423V470VDisc 20mmRoHS
V300LA2PV300LA2PVARISTOR 490V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 300V405V441V490VDisc 7mmRoHS
V300LA10PV300LA10PVARISTOR 470V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 300V405V423V470VDisc 10mmRoHS
V320LA10PV320LA10PVARISTOR 510V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 10mmRoHS
V320LA20APV320LA20APVARISTOR 510V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 14mmRoHS
V320LA40BPV320LA40BPVARISTOR 501V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 320V420V462V501VDisc 20mmRoHS
V320LA7PV320LA7PVARISTOR 510V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 320V420V459V510VDisc 7mmRoHS
V385LA20APV385LA20APVARISTOR 620V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 385V505V558V620VDisc 14mmRoHS
V385LA10PV385LA10PVARISTOR 620V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 385V505V558V620VDisc 10mmRoHS
V385LA7PV385LA7PVARISTOR 620V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 385V505V558V620VDisc 7mmRoHS
V385LA40BPV385LA40BPVARISTOR 620V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 385V505V558V620VDisc 20mmRoHS
V420LA7PV420LA7PVARISTOR 680V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 420V560V612V680VDisc 7mmRoHS
V420LA20APV420LA20APVARISTOR 680V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 420V560V612V680VDisc 14mmRoHS
V420LA40BPV420LA40BPVARISTOR 665V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 420V560V610V665VDisc 20mmRoHS
V420LA10PV420LA10PVARISTOR 680V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 420V560V612V680VDisc 10mmRoHS
V460LA20APV460LA20APVARISTOR 715V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 460V615V643.5V715VDisc 14mmRoHS
V460LA10PV460LA10PVARISTOR 715V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 460V615V643.5V715VDisc 10mmRoHS
V480LA7PV480LA7PVARISTOR 750V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 480V640V675V750VDisc 7mmRoHS
V480LA40APV480LA40APVARISTOR 750V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 480V640V675V750VDisc 14mmRoHS
V480LA10PV480LA10PVARISTOR 750V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 480V640V675V750VDisc 10mmRoHS
V480LA80BPV480LA80BPVARISTOR 732.5V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 480V640V675V732.5VDisc 20mmRoHS
V510LA10PV510LA10PVARISTOR 820V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 510V675V738V820VDisc 10mmRoHS
V510LA40APV510LA40APVARISTOR 820V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 510V675V738V820VDisc 14mmRoHS
V510LA80BPV510LA80BPVARISTOR 799V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 510V675V738V799VDisc 20mmRoHS
V575LA80BPV575LA80BPVARISTOR 889.5V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 575V730V819V889.5VDisc 20mmRoHS
V575LA10PV575LA10PVARISTOR 910V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 575V730V819V910VDisc 10mmRoHS
V575LA40APV575LA40APVARISTOR 910V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 575V730V819V910VDisc 14mmRoHS
V625LA40APV625LA40APVARISTOR 1KV 4.5KA DISC 14MM 625V825V900V1kVDisc 14mmRoHS
V625LA80BPV625LA80BPVARISTOR 1KV 6.5KA DISC 20MM 625V825V900V1kVDisc 20mmRoHS
V660LA50APV660LA50APVARISTOR 1.08KV 4.5KA DISC 14MM 660V850V972V1.08kVDisc 14mmRoHS
V660LA100BPV660LA100BPVARISTOR 1.02KV 6.5KA DISC 20MM 660V850V940V1.02kVDisc 20mmRoHS
V660LA10PV660LA10PVARISTOR 1.08KV 2.5KA DISC 10MM 660V850V972V1.08kVDisc 10mmRoHS
V680LA10PV680LA10PVARISTOR 1.1KV 2.5KA DISC 10MM 680V875V990V1.1kVDisc 10mmRoHS
V680LA80APV680LA80APVARISTOR 1.1KV 4.5KA DISC 14MM 680V875V990V1.1kVDisc 14mmRoHS
V680LA100BPV680LA100BPVARISTOR 1.06KV 6.5KA DISC 20MM 680V875V990V1.06kVDisc 20mmRoHS
V1000LA80APV1000LA80APVARISTOR 1.65KV 4.5KA DISC 14MM 1kV1.2kV1.5kV1.65kVDisc 14mmRoHS
V1000LA160BPV1000LA160BPVARISTOR 1.5125KV 6.5KA DISC 1kV1.2kV1.425kV1.5125kVDisc 20mmRoHS
V1000LA160BPX10V1000LA160BPX10VARISTOR 1.5125KV 6.5KA DISC 1kV1.2kV1.425kV1.5125kVDisc 20mmRoHS
V1000LA160BPX1347V1000LA160BPX1347VARISTOR 1.5125KV 6.5KA DISC 1kV1.2kV1.425kV1.5125kVDisc 20mm

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