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KVD Series
United Chemi-Con
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KVD Series

High Temperature, Automotive, Radial Leaded, Ceramic Capacitors

United Chemi-Con

The KVD Series are dipped radial lead multilayer ceramic capacitors which feature small size and wide range of capacitance.

  • Noise filter for automotive equipment
  • Equipment used in a high temperature environment
  • Applications:Automotive
  • Capacitance:.1µF ~ 15µF
  • Features:High Temperature
  • Lead Spacing:0.197" (5.00mm)
  • Lead Style:Straight
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 150°C
  • Package / Case:Radial
  • Ratings:AEC-Q200
  • Temperature Coefficient:X8L
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Voltage - Rated:25V ~ 100V
KVD101L105M55A0T00KVD101L105M55A0T00CAP CER 1UF 100V X8L RADIAL 1µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD101L154M32A0T00KVD101L154M32A0T00CAP CER 0.15UF 100V X8L RADIAL .15µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD101L104M32A0T00KVD101L104M32A0T00CAP CER 0.1UF 100V X8L RADIAL .1µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L105M32A0T00KVD250L105M32A0T00CAP CER 1UF 25V X8L RADIAL 1µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L225M32A0T00KVD250L225M32A0T00CAP CER 2.2UF 25V X8L RADIAL 2.2µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L225M43A0T00KVD500L225M43A0T00CAP CER 2.2UF 50V X8L RADIAL 2.2µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L156M55A0T00KVD250L156M55A0T00CAP CER 15UF 25V X8L RADIAL 15µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L685M55A0T00KVD500L685M55A0T00CAP CER 6.8UF 50V X8L RADIAL 6.8µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L155M32A0T00KVD250L155M32A0T00CAP CER 1.5UF 25V X8L RADIAL 1.5µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L334M32A0T00KVD500L334M32A0T00CAP CER 0.33UF 50V X8L RADIAL .33µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD101L334M32A0T00KVD101L334M32A0T00CAP CER 0.33UF 100V X8L RADIAL .33µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L335M32A0T00KVD250L335M32A0T00CAP CER 3.3UF 25V X8L RADIAL 3.3µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L105M32A0T00KVD500L105M32A0T00CAP CER 1UF 50V X8L RADIAL 1µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD101L474M43A0T00KVD101L474M43A0T00CAP CER 0.47UF 100V X8L RADIAL .47µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L155M43A0T00KVD500L155M43A0T00CAP CER 1.5UF 50V X8L RADIAL 1.5µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD101L155M55A0T00KVD101L155M55A0T00CAP CER 1.5UF 100V X8L RADIAL 1.5µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L684M32A0T00KVD500L684M32A0T00CAP CER 0.68UF 50V X8L RADIAL .68µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L475M43A0T00KVD250L475M43A0T00CAP CER 4.7UF 25V X8L RADIAL 4.7µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L685M43A0T00KVD250L685M43A0T00CAP CER 6.8UF 25V X8L RADIAL 6.8µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD250L106M55A0T00KVD250L106M55A0T00CAP CER 10UF 25V X8L RADIAL 10µF±20%25VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L335M55A0T00KVD500L335M55A0T00CAP CER 3.3UF 50V X8L RADIAL 3.3µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L475M55A0T00KVD500L475M55A0T00CAP CER 4.7UF 50V X8L RADIAL 4.7µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD500L474M32A0T00KVD500L474M32A0T00CAP CER 0.47UF 50V X8L RADIAL .47µF±20%50VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD101L224M32A0T00KVD101L224M32A0T00CAP CER 0.22UF 100V X8L RADIAL .22µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS
KVD101L684M43A0T00KVD101L684M43A0T00CAP CER 0.68UF 100V X8L RADIAL .68µF±20%100VX8LRadialRoHS