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7700 Series
JST Sales America Inc.
KR Series
JST Sales America Inc.
SR Series

KR Series

0.079" (2.00mm) Pitch, Single Row, Rectangular Cable Assemblies

JST Sales America Inc.

  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Color:Blue, Individual
  • Connector Type:Socket to Socket, Reversed
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 16
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch - Connector:0.079" (2.00mm)
A02KR02KR26E102AA02KR02KR26E102AJUMPER 02KR-6S-P - 02KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A04KR04KR26E102AA04KR04KR26E102AJUMPER 04KR-6S-P - 04KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A02KR02KR26E254AA02KR02KR26E254AJUMPER 02KR-6S-P - 02KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A13KR13KR26E254AA13KR13KR26E254AJUMPER 13KR-6S-P - 13KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed1310.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A16KR16KR26E203AA16KR16KR26E203AJUMPER 16KR-6S-P - 16KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed1610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A14KR14KR26E254AA14KR14KR26E254AJUMPER 14KR-6S-P - 14KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed1410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A15KR15KR26E254AA15KR15KR26E254AJUMPER 15KR-6S-P - 15KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed1510.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A16KR16KR26E254AA16KR16KR26E254AJUMPER 16KR-6S-P - 16KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed1610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A03KR03KR26E102AA03KR03KR26E102AJUMPER 03KR-6S-P - 03KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed310.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A02KR02KR26E203AA02KR02KR26E203AJUMPER 02KR-6S-P - 02KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A03KR03KR26E203AA03KR03KR26E203AJUMPER 03KR-6S-P - 03KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed310.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A03KR03KR26E254AA03KR03KR26E254AJUMPER 03KR-6S-P - 03KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed310.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A05KR05KR26E102AA05KR05KR26E102AJUMPER 05KR-6S-P - 05KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed510.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A06KR06KR26E102AA06KR06KR26E102AJUMPER 06KR-6S-P - 06KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A04KR04KR26E203AA04KR04KR26E203AJUMPER 04KR-6S-P - 04KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A07KR07KR26E102AA07KR07KR26E102AJUMPER 07KR-6S-P - 07KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed710.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A05KR05KR26E203AA05KR05KR26E203AJUMPER 05KR-6S-P - 05KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed510.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A08KR08KR26E102AA08KR08KR26E102AJUMPER 08KR-6S-P - 08KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed810.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A06KR06KR26E203AA06KR06KR26E203AJUMPER 06KR-6S-P - 06KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A05KR05KR26E254AA05KR05KR26E254AJUMPER 05KR-6S-P - 05KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed510.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A07KR07KR26E203AA07KR07KR26E203AJUMPER 07KR-6S-P - 07KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed710.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A06KR06KR26E254AA06KR06KR26E254AJUMPER 06KR-6S-P - 06KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A09KR09KR26E102AA09KR09KR26E102AJUMPER 0KR-6S-P - 09KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed910.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A10KR10KR26E102AA10KR10KR26E102AJUMPER 10KR-6S-P - 10KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed1010.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A08KR08KR26E203AA08KR08KR26E203AJUMPER 08KR-6S-P - 08KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed810.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A07KR07KR26E254AA07KR07KR26E254AJUMPER 07KR-6S-P - 07KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed710.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A11KR11KR26E102AA11KR11KR26E102AJUMPER 11KR-6S-P - 11KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed1110.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A09KR09KR26E203AA09KR09KR26E203AJUMPER 0KR-6S-P - 09KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed910.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A12KR12KR26E102AA12KR12KR26E102AJUMPER 12KR-6S-P - 12KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed1210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A08KR08KR26E254AA08KR08KR26E254AJUMPER 08KR-6S-P - 08KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed810.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A10KR10KR26E203AA10KR10KR26E203AJUMPER 10KR-6S-P - 10KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed1010.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A13KR13KR26E102AA13KR13KR26E102AJUMPER 13KR-6S-P - 13KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed1310.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A09KR09KR26E254AA09KR09KR26E254AJUMPER 0KR-6S-P - 09KR-6S-P 10" Socket to Socket, Reversed910.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A14KR14KR26E102AA14KR14KR26E102AJUMPER 14KR-6S-P - 14KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed1410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A11KR11KR26E203AA11KR11KR26E203AJUMPER 11KR-6S-P - 11KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed1110.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A15KR15KR26E102AA15KR15KR26E102AJUMPER 15KR-6S-P - 15KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed1510.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A10KR10KR26E254AA10KR10KR26E254AJUMPER 10KR-6S-P - 10KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed1010.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A16KR16KR26E102AA16KR16KR26E102AJUMPER 16KR-6S-P - 16KR-6S-P 4" Socket to Socket, Reversed1610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A12KR12KR26E203AA12KR12KR26E203AJUMPER 12KR-6S-P - 12KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed1210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A11KR11KR26E254AA11KR11KR26E254AJUMPER 11KR-6S-P - 11KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed1110.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A13KR13KR26E203AA13KR13KR26E203AJUMPER 13KR-6S-P - 13KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed1310.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A12KR12KR26E254AA12KR12KR26E254AJUMPER 12KR-6S-P - 12KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed1210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A14KR14KR26E203AA14KR14KR26E203AJUMPER 14KR-6S-P - 14KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed1410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A15KR15KR26E203AA15KR15KR26E203AJUMPER 15KR-6S-P - 15KR-6S-P 8" Socket to Socket, Reversed1510.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A04KR04KR26E254AA04KR04KR26E254AJUMPER 04KR-6S-P - 04KR-6S-P 10"Socket to Socket, Reversed410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
Associated Product
JST Sales America Inc. KR Series
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Cable Assemblies-Rectangular-Socket to Socket