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Vector Electronics
Vectorbord® Series
Jumper Wire
Adafruit Industries LLC
Breadboarding Wire Bundle

Jumper Wire

Breadboard jumper wire


3M has all the accessories you'll need for fast, safe and easy circuit building. You'll speed circuit building with their pre-measure, pre-formed, color coded jumper wires in a wide variety of sizes.

  • Pre-measured, pre-formed, color coded jumper wires
  • Wires are #22 AWG solid, tinned copper, PVC insulated, stripped 1/4 inch and bent 90° on both ends for easy insertion
  • Wire Gauge:22 AWG

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    923351-I923351-IJUMPER WIRE KIT VARIOUS 22AWG Kit - Pre-Formed for BreadboardVariousVarious22 AWGRoHS
    923345-01-C923345-01-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.1" 22AWG 200PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.100" (2.54mm)No Insulation22 AWGRoHS
    923345-03-C923345-03-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.3" 22AWG 200PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.300" (7.62mm)Orange22 AWGRoHS
    923345-02-C923345-02-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.2" 22AWG 200PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.200" (5.08mm)Red22 AWGRoHS
    923345-05-C923345-05-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.5" 22AWG 200PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.500" (12.70mm)Green22 AWGRoHS
    923345-30-C923345-30-CJUMPER PREFORM 3" 22AWG 75PCS Pre-Formed for Breadboard3.00" (76.20mm)Orange22 AWGRoHS
    923345-08-C923345-08-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.8" 22AWG 150PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.800" (20.32mm)Gray22 AWGRoHS
    923345-40-C923345-40-CJUMPER PREFORM 4" 22AWG 75PCS Pre-Formed for Breadboard4.00" (101.60mm)Yellow22 AWGRoHS
    923345-07-C923345-07-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.7" 22AWG 150PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.700" (17.78mm)Violet22 AWGRoHS
    923345-09-C923345-09-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.9" 22AWG 150PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.900" (22.86mm)White22 AWGRoHS
    923345-50-C923345-50-CJUMPER PREFORM 5" 22AWG 75PCS Pre-Formed for Breadboard5.00" (127.00mm)Green22 AWGRoHS
    923345-10-C923345-10-CJUMPER PREFORM 1" 22AWG 100PCS Pre-Formed for Breadboard1.00" (25.40mm)Brown22 AWGRoHS
    923345-20-C923345-20-CJUMPER PREFORM 2" 22AWG 100PCS Pre-Formed for Breadboard2.00" (50.80mm)Red22 AWGRoHS
    923345-06-C923345-06-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.6" 22AWG 150PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.600" (15.24mm)Blue22 AWGRoHS
    923345-04-C923345-04-CJUMPER PREFORM 0.4" 22AWG 200PCSPre-Formed for Breadboard0.400" (10.16mm)Yellow22 AWGRoHS

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