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Machine pin jumper wires


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TW-FP-5TW-FP-5JUMPER F/F 1.969" 24AWG 10PCS Female to Female1.97" (50.00mm)24 AWG-RoHS
TW-FP-20TW-FP-20JUMPER F/F 7.874" 24AWG 10PCS Female to Female7.87" (200.00mm)24 AWGVioletRoHS
TW-FP-10TW-FP-10JUMPER F/F 3.937" 24AWG 10PCS Female to Female3.94" (100.00mm)24 AWGWhiteRoHS
TW-E012-000TW-E012-000JUMPER KIT VARIOUS 140PCS Kit - Pre-Formed for BreadboardVarious-VariousRoHS
TW-MFP-5TW-MFP-5JUMPER M/F 1.969" 24AWG 10PCS Male to Female1.97" (50.00mm)24 AWG-RoHS
TW-MFP-10TW-MFP-10JUMPER M/F 3.937" 24AWG 10PCS Male to Female3.94" (100.00mm)24 AWG-RoHS
TW-MFP-20TW-MFP-20JUMPER M/F 7.874" 24AWG 10PCS Male to Female7.87" (200.00mm)24 AWGBlackRoHS
TW-MP-10TW-MP-10JUMPER M/M 3.937" 24AWG 10PCS Male to Male3.94" (100.00mm)24 AWG-RoHS
TW-MP-20TW-MP-20JUMPER M/M 7.874" 24AWG 10PCS Male to Male7.87" (200.00mm)24 AWG-RoHS
TW-MP-5TW-MP-5JUMPER M/M 1.969" 24AWG 10PCS Male to Male1.97" (50.00mm)24 AWG-RoHS

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