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LMB Heeger Inc.
Crown Royal Series
LMB Heeger Inc.
Jiffy Box Series
LMB Heeger Inc.
MDC Series

Jiffy Box Series

Screwless Aluminum Enclosures

LMB Heeger Inc.

The Jiffy box chassis is an ideal box for construction where screws cannot be used and where access to the box must be quick and often. The catches hold the box together tightly.

  • Just push together to close and the catches snap into place, just a slight pressure of the fingers to open
  • Aircraft quality type 3003-H 14 aluminum
  • Color:Unpainted
  • Container Type:Chassis
  • Design:U Shaped Pieces
  • Material:Metal, Aluminum
  • Shipping Info:Shipped from Digi-Key
  • Thickness:0.040" (1.02mm)

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J871 PLAINJ871 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM 2.75"L X 2.13"W Chassis2.750" L x 2.125" W (69.85mm x 53.98mm)2.750" (69.85mm)5.84in² (37.7cm²)
J870 PLAINJ870 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM 2.75"L X 2.13"W Chassis2.750" L x 2.125" W (69.85mm x 53.98mm)1.625" (41.28mm)5.84in² (37.7cm²)RoHS
J883 PLAINJ883 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPAINTED 8"L X 6"WChassis8.000" L x 6.000" W (203.20mm x 152.40mm)3.500" (88.90mm)48.0in² (310cm²)
J-872 PL/UNPDJ-872 PL/UNPDCHASSIS ALUM 3.25"L X 2.13"W Chassis3.250" L x 2.125" W (82.55mm x 53.98mm)1.125" (28.58mm)6.91in² (44.6cm²)RoHS
J874 PLAINJ874 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPTD 4"L X 2.13"W Chassis4.000" L x 2.125" W (101.60mm x 53.98mm)1.625" (41.28mm)8.50in² (54.8cm²)RoHS
J876 PLAINJ876 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPAINTED 4"L X 2"WChassis4.000" L x 2.000" W (101.60mm x 50.80mm)2.750" (69.85mm)8.00in² (51.6cm²)RoHS
J878 PLAINJ878 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPTD 5"L X 2.25"W Chassis5.000" L x 2.250" W (127.00mm x 57.15mm)2.250" (57.15mm)11.3in² (73cm²)RoHS
J879 PLAINJ879 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPAINTED 5"L X 4"WChassis5.000" L x 4.000" W (127.00mm x 101.60mm)3.000" (76.20mm)20.0in² (129cm²)RoHS
J881 PLAINJ881 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPAINTED 6"L X 5"WChassis6.000" L x 5.000" W (152.40mm x 127.00mm)4.000" (101.60mm)30.0in² (194cm²)RoHS
J882 PLAINJ882 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPAINTED 7"L X 5"WChassis7.000" L x 5.000" W (177.80mm x 127.00mm)3.000" (76.20mm)35.0in² (226cm²)RoHS
J884 PLAINJ884 PLAINCHASSIS ALUM UNPAINTED 10"LX6"W Chassis10.000" L x 6.000" W (254.00mm x 152.40mm)3.500" (88.90mm)60.0in² (387cm²)

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