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US-Lasers Inc.
US-Lasers Inc.
IR Laser Diode
US-Lasers Inc.
IR Laser Module
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IR Laser Diode

Visible and Infrared Laser Diodes

US-Lasers Inc.

Low and High Power - Long Wavelength Laser Diodes

  • High Efficiency Diodes
  • Laser Diode Pin Out - Style A and B
  • Laser Diode Rise Time: 1ns
  • Laser Diode Fall Time: 2ns
  • AlGalnP Index Guided Laser
  • Laser Structure - MQW
  • Single Longitudinal Mode Laser
  • OEM Laser Diode
  • All American Made Laser Diodes
  • Current Rating:65mA ~ 150mA
  • Package / Case:Radial, Can, 3 Lead (5.6mm, TO-18)
  • Power (Watts):5mW ~ 120mW
  • Wavelength:405nm ~ 850nm

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D405-120D405-120LASER DIODE 405NM 120MW TO18 405nm4.8V150mA120mWRadial, Can, 3 Lead (5.6mm, TO-18)RoHS
D405-20D405-20LASER DIODE 405NM 20MW TO18 405nm5V75mA20mWRadial, Can, 3 Lead (5.6mm, TO-18)RoHS
D7805ID7805ILASER DIODE 780NM 5MW TO18 780nm-70mA5mWRadial, Can, 3 Lead (5.6mm, TO-18)RoHS
D8085ID8085ILASER DIODE 808NM 5MW TO18 808nm-70mA5mWRadial, Can, 3 Lead (5.6mm, TO-18)RoHS
D8505ID8505ILASER DIODE 850NM 5MW TO18 850nm-65mA5mWRadial, Can, 3 Lead (5.6mm, TO-18)RoHS

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