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Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components
F Series
Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components
HVCC Series
Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components
S Series
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HVCC Series

High Voltage, General Purpose, Radial Leaded Disc Capacitors

Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components

The HVCC Series are high voltage ceramic capacitors with high reliability.

  • Ceramic singlelayer DC/AC disc capacitor
  • High capacitance
  • Small sizes
  • Low losses
  • Baggage scanner
  • Medical x-ray
  • Industrial laser
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:100pF ~ 2000pF
  • Features:High Voltage
  • Lead Spacing:0.492" (12.50mm)
  • Lead Style:Straight
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-30°C ~ 105°C
  • Package / Case:Radial, Disc
  • Temperature Coefficient:Y6P

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HVCC103Y6P101MEAXHVCC103Y6P101MEAXCAP CER 100PF 10KV Y6P RADIAL 100pF±20%10000V (10kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC203Y6P101MEAXHVCC203Y6P101MEAXHVCC 20KVDC 100PF 20% Y6P BULK E100pF±20%20000V (20kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC203Y6P151MEAXHVCC203Y6P151MEAXHVCC 20KVDC 150PF 20% Y6P BULK E150pF±20%20000V (20kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC153Y6P221MEAXHVCC153Y6P221MEAXCAP CER 220PF 15KV Y6P RADIAL 220pF±20%15000V (15kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC203Y6P221MEAXHVCC203Y6P221MEAXHVCC 20KVDC 220PF 20% Y6P BULK E220pF±20%20000V (20kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC103Y6P221MEAXHVCC103Y6P221MEAXCAP CER 220PF 10KV Y6P RADIAL 220pF±20%10000V (10kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC153Y6P331MEAXHVCC153Y6P331MEAXCAP CER 330PF 15KV Y6P RADIAL 330pF±20%15000V (15kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC203Y6P331MEAXHVCC203Y6P331MEAXHVCC 20KVDC 330PF 20% Y6P BULK E330pF±20%20000V (20kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC103Y6P471MEAXHVCC103Y6P471MEAXCAP CER 470PF 10KV Y6P RADIAL 470pF±20%10000V (10kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC203Y6P471MEAXHVCC203Y6P471MEAXHVCC 20KVDC 470PF 20% Y6P BULK E470pF±20%20000V (20kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC203Y6P681MEAXHVCC203Y6P681MEAXHVCC 20KVDC 680PF 20% Y6P BULK E680pF±20%20000V (20kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC103Y6P102MEAXHVCC103Y6P102MEAXHVCC 10KVDC 1000PF 20% Y6P BULK 1000pF±20%10000V (10kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC153Y6P102KEAXHVCC153Y6P102KEAXHVCC 15KVDC 1000PF 10% Y6P BULK 1000pF±10%15000V (15kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC153Y6P202MEAXHVCC153Y6P202MEAXCAP CER 2000PF 15KV Y6P RADIAL 2000pF±20%15000V (15kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS
HVCC103Y6P202MEAXHVCC103Y6P202MEAXCAP CER 2000PF 10KV Y6P RADIAL 2000pF±20%10000V (10kV)Y6PRadial, DiscRoHS

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