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Cornell Dubilier Electronics
HZC Series
Elna America
HTK and HVK Series
Elna America
PVH Series

HTK and HVK Series

High Ripple Current, Surface Mount, Radial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Elna America

Conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors with low ESR.

  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:10µF ~ 560µF
  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance):18mOhm ~ 120mOhm
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ High Frequency:100kHz
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:120Hz
  • Lifetime @ Temp.:6000 Hrs @ 125°C
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:Radial, Can - SMD
  • Ripple Current @ High Frequency:700mA ~ 3A
  • Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:70mA ~ 300mA
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Type:Hybrid
  • Voltage - Rated:25V ~ 63V

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HVK-63V101MHC5E-R2HVK-63V101MHC5E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 63V, 100UF Hybrid100µF±20%63VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-35V271MH10E-R2HVK-35V271MH10E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 35V, 270UF Hybrid270µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-25V221MG10E-R2HVK-25V221MG10E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 25V, 220UF Hybrid220µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-25V221MG10E-R2HTK-25V221MG10E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 25V, 220UF, 30G VIBHybrid220µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-35V271MH10E-R2HTK-35V271MH10E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 35V, 270UF, 30G VIBHybrid270µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-25V561MHC5E-R2HVK-25V561MHC5E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 25V, 560UF Hybrid560µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-35V391MHC5E-R2HVK-35V391MHC5E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 35V, 390UF Hybrid390µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-25V561MHC5E-R2HTK-25V561MHC5E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 25V, 560UF, 30G VIBHybrid560µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-35V391MHC5E-R2HTK-35V391MHC5E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 35V, 390UF, 30G VIBHybrid390µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-25V101MF80E-R2HVK-25V101MF80E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 25V, 100UF Hybrid100µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-50V101MH10E-R2HVK-50V101MH10E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 50V, 100UF Hybrid100µF±20%50VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-63V101MHC5E-R2HTK-63V101MHC5E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 63V, 100UF, 30G VIBHybrid100µF±20%63VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-50V101MH10E-R2HTK-50V101MH10E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 50V, 100UF, 30G VIBHybrid100µF±20%50VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-35V470MF61E-R2HVK-35V470MF61E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 35V, 47UF Hybrid47µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HVK-63V100MF61E-R2HVK-63V100MF61E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 63V, 10UF Hybrid10µF±20%63VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-25V101MF80E-R2HTK-25V101MF80E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 25V, 100UF, 30G VIBHybrid100µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-35V470MF61E-R2HTK-35V470MF61E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 35V, 47UF, 30G VIBRHybrid47µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
HTK-63V100MF61E-R2HTK-63V100MF61E-R2HYBRID ECAP, 63V, 10UF, 30G VIBRHybrid10µF±20%63VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS

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