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Murata Power Solutions Inc.
HPR1xxC Series
Murata Power Solutions Inc.
HPR4xxC Series
Murata Power Solutions Inc.
LME Series
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HPR4xxC Series

0.75W Miniature SIP DC to DC Converter

Murata Power Solutions Inc.

The HPR4xxC series uses advanced circuit design and packaging technology to realize superior reliability and performance. A 170kHz push pull oscillator is used in the input stage. The HPR4xxC series reduces beat frequency oscillation problems when used with high frequency isolation amplifiers. Reduced parts count and high efficiency add to the reliability of the HPR4xxC series.

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Product Description

The high efficiency of the HPR4xxC series means less internal power dissipation, as low as 190mW. With less heat to dissipate the HPR4xxC series can operate at higher temperatures with no degradation of reliable operation. In addition, the high efficiency of the HPR4xxC series means the series is able to offer greater than 10 W/inch³ of output power density. Operation down to no load will not impact the reliability of the series, although this product has a >1mA minimum load for specifications purposes.

  • Internal input and output
  • Non conductive case
  • High output power density: 10 watts/Inch³
  • High efficiency
  • Applications:ITE (Commercial)
  • Efficiency:69% ~ 79%
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Number of Outputs:1 ~ 2
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 100°C
  • Packaging:Tube
  • Power (Watts):750mW
  • Size / Dimension:0.77" L x 0.24" W x 0.40" H (19.7mm x 6.2mm x 10.2mm)
  • Type:Isolated Module
  • Voltage - Input (Max):5.5V ~ 16.5V
  • Voltage - Input (Min):4.5V ~ 13.5V
  • Voltage - Isolation:3kV
  • Voltage - Output 1:5V ~ 15V

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