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Broadcom Limited
AFBR Series
Broadcom Limited
HFBR Series
6000 Series

HFBR Series

Free Hanging, Singlemode Fiber Optic Connector Plugs

Broadcom Limited

2.2mm cable and 1000µm fiber diameter.

Product Description

The HFBR-R/EXXYYYZ series of plastic fiber optic cables are constructed of a single step-index fiber sheathed in a black polyethylene jacket. The duplex fiber consists of two simplex fibers joined with a zip cord web. Standard attenuation and extra low loss POF cables are identical except for attenuation specifications. Cables are available in unconnected or connected options.

The innovative design uses a simple, snap-together concept which eliminates the need for crimping. This connector not only saves the user labor and tool cost, but reduces the yield loss due to installation error. The HFBR series connectors are available in two styles: latching and non-latching. For a duplex connector, two non-latching simplex connectors can be snapped together. The connectors are made of a rugged, flame retardant plastic which is good for industrial and other harsh environments. The HFBR series connectors are for use with Plastic Optical Fiber only.

  • Compatible with Avago Versatile Link Family of connectors and fiber optic components.
  • Polyethylene jackets on all plastic fiber cables comply with UL VW-1 flame retardant specification (UL file # E89328).
  • 1 mm diameter Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) in two grades: low cost standard POF with 0.22 dB/m typical attenuation, or high performance extra low loss POF with 0.19 dB/m typical attenuation.
  • Industrial data links for factory automation and plant control
  • Intra-system links; board-to-board, rack-to-rack
  • Telecommunications switching systems
  • Computer-to-peripheral data links, PC bus extension
  • Proprietary LANs
  • Digitized video
  • Medical instruments
  • Reduction of lightning and voltage transient susceptibility
  • High voltage isolation
  • Cable Diameter:2.2mm
  • Connector Type:Plug
  • Ferrule Material:Plastic
  • Fiber Cladding Diameter:1000µm
  • Mode:Singlemode
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C

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HFBR-4513ZHFBR-4513ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4503ZHFBR-4503ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4511ZHFBR-4511ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4501ZHFBR-4501ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4531ZHFBR-4531ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4533ZHFBR-4533ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4535ZHFBR-4535ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4516ZHFBR-4516ZCONN FIBER PLUG DUPLX 1000UM -PlugDuplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4506ZHFBR-4506ZCONN FIBER PLUG DUPLX 1000UM -PlugDuplexSinglemodeRoHS
HFBR-4532ZHFBR-4532ZCONN FIBER PLUG SMPLX 1000UM -PlugSimplexSinglemodeRoHS

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