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Broadcom Limited
HCMS-235x Series
Broadcom Limited
HCMS-29xx Series
Broadcom Limited
HCMS-39xx Series

HCMS-29xx Series

High Performance Alphanumeric Display

Broadcom Limited

The HCMS-29xx series are high performance, easy to use dot matrix displays driven by on-board CMOS ICs. Each display can be directly interfaced with a microprocessor, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome interface components. The serial IC interface allows higher character count information displays with a minimum of data lines. A variety of colors, font heights, and character counts gives designers a wide range of product choices for their specific applications and the easy to read 5 x 7 pixel format allows the display of uppercase, lower case, Katakana, and custom user defined characters. These displays are stackable in the X and Y directions, making them ideal for high character count displays.

  • Easy to use
  • Interfaces directly with microprocessors
  • 0.15" character height in 4, 8, and 16 (2x8) character packages
  • 0.20" character height in 4 and 8 character packages
  • Rugged X and Y stackable package
  • Serial input
  • Convenient brightness controls
  • Wave solderable
  • Offered in five colors
  • Low power CMOS technology
  • TTL compatible
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Portable data entry devices
  • Computer peripherals
  • Medical equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Business machines
  • Avionics
  • Industrial controls
  • Configuration:5 x 7
  • Millicandela Rating:64µcd ~ 230µcd

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HCMS-2962HCMS-2962LED DISPLAY 5X7 4CHAR 5MM HER 64µcd-0.85" L x 0.45" W x 0.21" H (21.46mm x 11.43mm x 5.31mm)RedRoHS
HCMS-2972HCMS-2972LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 5MM HER 64µcd-1.69" L x 0.45" W x 0.21" H (42.93mm x 11.43mm x 5.33mm)RedRoHS
HCMS-2912HCMS-2912LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 3.8MM HER 64µcd-1.40" L x 0.40" W x 0.20" H (35.56mm x 10.16mm x 5.08mm)RedRoHS
HCMS-2903HCMS-2903LED DISPLAY 5X7 4CHAR 3.8MM GRN 114µcd-0.70" L x 0.40" W x 0.20" H (17.8mm x 10.2mm x 5.1mm)GreenRoHS
HCMS-2913HCMS-2913LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 3.8MM GRN 114µcd-1.40" L x 0.40" W x 0.20" H (35.56mm x 10.16mm x 5.08mm)GreenRoHS
HCMS-2923HCMS-2923LED DISPL 5X7 2X8CHAR 3.8MM GRN 114µcd-1.40" L x 0.78" W x 0.20" H (35.56mm x 19.81mm x 5.08mm)GreenRoHS
HCMS-2963HCMS-2963LED DISPLAY 5X7 4CHAR 5MM GREEN 114µcd-0.85" L x 0.45" W x 0.21" H (21.46mm x 11.43mm x 5.31mm)GreenRoHS
HCMS-2973HCMS-2973LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR 5MM GREEN 114µcd-1.69" L x 0.45" W x 0.21" H (42.93mm x 11.43mm x 5.33mm)GreenRoHS
HCMS-2975HCMS-2975LED DISPLAY 5X7 8CHAR .2" RED 230µcd-1.69" L x 0.45" W x 0.21" H (42.93mm x 11.43mm x 5.33mm)RedRoHS

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