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Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales
GT05 Series
Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales
GT12 Series
Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales
GT32M and GT32T Series

GT12 Series

4.6" Compact Programmable Display

Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales

Slim body equipped with a 4.6 inch Half-QVGA LCD, the highest visual quality in its class.

  • Display Type:Monochrome
  • Features:Memory Card Interface
  • For Use With/Related Products:Multiple Manufacturer, Multiple Product
  • Ingress Protection:IP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof
  • Operating Temperature:0°C ~ 50°C
  • Size - Display:4.6"
  • Type:Touchscreen
  • Voltage - Supply:24VDC

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AIG12GQ12DAIG12GQ12DHMI TOUCHSCREEN 4.6" MONOCHROME Touchscreen4.6"MonochromeBlackRoHS
AIG12GQ13DAIG12GQ13DHMI TOUCHSCREEN 4.6" MONOCHROME Touchscreen4.6"MonochromeSilverRoHS
AIG12GQ14DAIG12GQ14DHMI TOUCHSCREEN 4.6" MONOCHROME Touchscreen4.6"MonochromeBlackRoHS
AIG12MQ12DAIG12MQ12DHMI TOUCHSCREEN 4.6" MONOCHROME Touchscreen4.6"MonochromeSilverRoHS
AIG12GQ02DAIG12GQ02DHMI TOUCHSCREEN 4.6" MONOCHROME Touchscreen4.6"MonochromeBlackRoHS

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