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Grove High Precision Barometric Pressure Sensor (DPS310)
Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
Grove IMU 10DOF v2.0
Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
Grove IMU 9DOF ICM20600+AK09918
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Grove IMU 10DOF v2.0

101020252 Grove IMU 10DOF v2.0

Seeed Technology Co., Ltd

The Grove - IMU 10DOF V2.0 is based on MPU-9250 and BMP280.MPU-9250 is still the most compatible 9-aixs motion-tracking device, which combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer and a Digital Motion Processor (DMP) in a 3mm x 3mm x 1mm package. Regarding BMP280, the main change from Grove IMU 10DOF V1.0, this time it is housed in an extremely compact package that is 65% smaller than BMP180. Not just the size, the power consumption is even lower to be as low as 2.74uA@1Hz. With the perfect combination of MPU-9250 and BMP280, the Grove IMU 10DOF can provide in total 10 axes of data to you, allows you to build mobile projects such as smartphone, wearable devices, Quadrotor, you can even build a joystick controller like PSP and Xbox on your own.

  • Contents:Board(s)
  • Function:Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
  • Platform:Grove
  • Type:Sensor
  • Utilized IC / Part:BMP280, MPU-9250
101020252101020252GROVE - IMU 10DOF V2.0 GroveSensorAccelerometer, Barometer, Gyroscope, MagnetometerBMP280, MPU-9250RoHS