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VGA Camera Application Kit CC-ACC-MT9V111
Digi-Key Evaluation Boards
GridEYE Breakout Board and GUI
Digilent, Inc.
PmodACL2 - 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer
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GridEYE Breakout Board and GUI

DKSB1015A GridEYE Breakout Board and GUI

Digi-Key Evaluation Boards

The evaluation/development kit is now available from Digi-Key. These kits are fully assembled and programmed, and only require a mini USB cable to operate with the GUI.

Product Description

The Grid-EYE is a high precision infrared array sensor based on advanced MEMS technology. It is capable of measuring temperatures across a grid of 8x8 (64 pixels) up to ten times per second over the following temperature ranges:

Temperature range of measured object: High gain: +32°F to +176°F (0°C to 80°C) Low gain: –4°F to +212°F (–20°C to 100°C)

  • High performance home appliance (Microwave oven and air conditioner)
  • Energy savings in office (Air-conditioning and lighting controls)
  • Digital signage
  • Automatic door and elevator
  • Interface:I²C
  • Sensor Type:Motion, Thermoelectric, PIR (Passive Infrared)
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:AMG8833
  • Voltage - Supply:3 V ~ 3.6 V
Associated Product
Panasonic Electronic Components AMG88 Series
Category: Sensors-Temperature-Temperature - Analog and Digital Output