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Harwin Inc.
Gecko G125 Series
Harwin Inc.
Gecko SL Series
Hirose Electric Co Ltd
Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies

Gecko SL Series

Unshielded Gecko1.25mm Pitch Plug to Plug, Rectangular Cable Assemblies

Harwin Inc.

Male cable assemblies with 4-finger Beryllium Copper contact. No.1 position identified on moulding. Stainless steel screw fixing to mate with applicable male connector.

  • Cable Termination:Crimp
  • Color:White, Individual
  • Connector Type:Plug to Plug
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Features:Polarizing Key, Screw Lock
  • Number of Positions:6 ~ 50
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Connector:0.049" (1.25mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded
G125-MC12605M1-0150M1G125-MC12605M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 26POSPlug to Plug2620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC10605M1-0150M1G125-MC10605M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 6POS Plug to Plug620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11005M1-0150M1G125-MC11005M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 10POSPlug to Plug1020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11205M1-0150M1G125-MC11205M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 12POSPlug to Plug1220.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11205M1-0300M1G125-MC11205M1-0300M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 300MM 12POSPlug to Plug1220.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11605M1-0150M1G125-MC11605M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 16POSPlug to Plug1620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11605M1-0300M1G125-MC11605M1-0300M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 300MM 16POSPlug to Plug1620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC12005M1-0150M1G125-MC12005M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 20POSPlug to Plug2020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC12005M1-0300M1G125-MC12005M1-0300M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 300MM 20POSPlug to Plug2020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC13405M1-0150M1G125-MC13405M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 34POSPlug to Plug3420.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC15005M1-0150M1G125-MC15005M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 50POSPlug to Plug5020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS