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Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies
Harwin Inc.
Gecko SL Series
Hirose Electric Co Ltd
Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies
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Gecko SL Series

Unshielded Gecko1.25mm Pitch Plug to Plug, Rectangular Cable Assemblies

Harwin Inc.

Male cable assemblies with 4-finger Beryllium Copper contact. No.1 position identified on moulding. Stainless steel screw fixing to mate with applicable male connector.

  • Cable Termination:Crimp
  • Color:White, Individual
  • Connector Type:Plug to Plug
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Features:Polarizing Key, Screw Lock
  • Number of Positions:6 ~ 50
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Connector:0.049" (1.25mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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G125-MC10605M1-0150M1G125-MC10605M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 6POS Plug to Plug620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11005M1-0150M1G125-MC11005M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 10POSPlug to Plug1020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11205M1-0150M1G125-MC11205M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 12POSPlug to Plug1220.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11205M1-0300M1G125-MC11205M1-0300M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 300MM 12POSPlug to Plug1220.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11605M1-0150M1G125-MC11605M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 16POSPlug to Plug1620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC11605M1-0300M1G125-MC11605M1-0300M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 300MM 16POSPlug to Plug1620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC12005M1-0150M1G125-MC12005M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 20POSPlug to Plug2020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC12005M1-0300M1G125-MC12005M1-0300M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 300MM 20POSPlug to Plug2020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC12605M1-0150M1G125-MC12605M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 26POSPlug to Plug2620.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC13405M1-0150M1G125-MC13405M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 34POSPlug to Plug3420.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
G125-MC15005M1-0150M1G125-MC15005M1-0150M1CBL GECKO 1.25MM M-M 150MM 50POSPlug to Plug5020.049" (1.25mm)RoHS

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