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Shoreline IoT Inc.
iCast1 IoT Bridge
Sierra Wireless
FX30 Series
Sierra Wireless AirLink
AirLink® RV50X Industrial LTE Gateway
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FX30 Series

Programmable IoT Gateway

Sierra Wireless

The FX30 is the industry’s smallest, most rugged programmable 3G/4G LTE cellular gateway. Providing an integrated, secure embedded application environment, tightly integrated with the cloud, the FX30 enables swift, scalable and global deployments of IoT applications for any connected machine or infrastructure. The FX30 integrates the Legato® Open Source Linux Platform that simplifies application-level development with a secure application framework, maintained Linux distribution, and feature-rich development environment. Legato® enables efficient C-level programming, making FX30 the core component for distributed IoT systems. Legato features an application sandbox that provides a secure environment to run and control multiple applications. With security and connectivity built in, Legato’s robust APIs enable users to connect to any cloud or network, and allow developers to focus on building the value-add IoT applications.

  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Features:IoT Gateway, Expansion Slot
  • Frequency:850MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHz
  • Function:Gateway

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FX30-LTEM1_1104086FX30-LTEM1_11040864G LTEM1/NB1 WORLDWIDE LEGATO , GatewayEDGE, GPRS, GSM, LTE850MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHzGeneral PurposeRoHS
FX30S_1103232FX30S_1103232GATEWAY EDGE GPRS GSM HSPA+ GatewayEDGE, GPRS, GSM, HSPA+-General Purpose
FX30S-LTEM1_1104087FX30S-LTEM1_11040873G WORLDWIDE PENTABAND / LEGATO,GatewayEDGE, GPRS, GSM, LTE850MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHzGeneral PurposeRoHS
FX30_1103214FX30_1103214GATEWAY EDGE GPRS GSM HSPA+ GatewayEDGE, GPRS, GSM, HSPA+850MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHzGeneral PurposeRoHS

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Category: Test, Tools, Other Products-Networking Solutions-Miscellaneous
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Category: RF, Wireless-RF, IF-Accessories, Kits
Category: RF, Wireless-RF, IF-Accessories, Kits