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NKK Switches
NKK Switches
FT Series
NKK Switches
TP01 Series

FT Series

Resistive Touch Screen

NKK Switches

Whether an application requires the 5 or 4 wire technology, the features include metal tails (analog), contact reliability with a connector, and ANR film, eliminating many of the typical visual artifacts. The film surface is non-glare and hard coated for ease of use and integrity of the surface.

Product Description

NKK's transparent touch screens are engineered to complement the application of choice while offering superior durability and flexibility. With options in multiple sizes, and choices of input by finger, gloved finger or stylus, NKK Switches maintains a consistent focus of impeccable quality and value added solutions with the diverse needs of customers at the forefront.

  • Screens highly resistant to static electricity and noise pollution
  • Drift free operation despite any temperature fluctuation
  • Greater touch point density translating to more precision and reduction of false actuations
  • Quicker response time
  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Custom solutions a specialty
  • Digital and analog solutions
  • Controllers available
  • Anti-Newton Ring (ANR) technology
  • Design minimizes visual artifacts
  • Information kiosks
  • Industrial automation
  • Banking and exchange management systems
  • Broadcast
  • Office automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Hand held devices
  • Hospitality and restaurant
  • Gaming
  • Type:Resistive

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    FTAS00-121AS4FTAS00-121AS4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 12.1" 10.28" (261.00mm)7.80" (198.00mm)0.083" (2.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-12.1AW-4AFTAS00-12.1AW-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 12.1" 10.40" (264.26mm)0.08" (2.03mm)6.55" (166.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-12.1AW-4FTAS00-12.1AW-4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 12.1" 10.40" (264.26mm)0.08" (2.10mm)6.55" (166.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-15AN-4FTAS00-15AN-4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 15" 12.13" (308.10mm)0.08" (2.10mm)9.14" (232.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-15AN-4AFTAS00-15AN-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 15" 12.13" (308.10mm)0.08" (2.03mm)9.14" (232.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-150A5FTAS00-150A5TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 15" 12.19" (309.50mm)0.083" (2.10mm)9.19" (233.50mm)RS232, USBRoHS
    FTAS00-150A4FTAS00-150A4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 15" 12.91" (328.00mm)9.8" (250mm)0.083" (2.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-15.6AW-4FTAS00-15.6AW-4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 15.6" 13.68" (347.50mm)0.08" (2.10mm)7.75" (196.80mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-15.6AW-4AFTAS00-15.6AW-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 15.6" 13.68" (347.50mm)0.08" (2.10mm)7.75" (196.80mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-19AN-4FTAS00-19AN-4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 19" 15.04" (382.00mm)0.08" (2.10mm)12.10" (307.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-19AN-4AFTAS00-19AN-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 19" 15.04" (382.00mm)0.08" (2.03mm)12.10" (307.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-57AS4FTAS00-57AS4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 5.7" 4.76" (121.00mm)0.055" (1.40mm)3.61" (91.60mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-5.7AS-4AFTAS00-5.7AS-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 5.7" 4.76" (121.00mm)0.06" (1.4mm)3.61" (91.60mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-6.5AS-4AFTAS00-6.5AS-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 6.5" 5.43" (138.0mm)0.06" (1.4mm)4.13" (105.00mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-65AS4FTAS00-65AS4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 6.5" 5.43" (138.0mm)0.055" (1.40mm)4.13" (105.00mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-84AS4FTAS00-84AS4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 8.4" 6.95" (176.50mm)0.083" (2.10mm)5.33" (135.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-8.4AS-4AFTAS00-8.4AS-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 8.4" 6.95" (176.50mm)0.08" (2.03mm)5.33" (135.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-10.4AS-4AFTAS00-10.4AS-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 10.4" 8.47" (215.00mm)0.08" (2.03mm)6.39" (162.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-10.4AV-4AFTAS00-10.4AV-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 10.4" 8.52" (216.41mm)0.08" (2.03mm)6.43" (163.40mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-104A5FTAS00-104A5TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 10.4" 8.66" (220mm)0.083" (2.10mm)6.61" (167.90mm)RS232, USBRoHS
    FTAS00-104AS4FTAS00-104AS4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 10.4" 8.88" (225.55mm)6.75" (171.4mm)0.083" (2.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-104AV4FTAS00-104AV4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 10.4" 8.92" (226.5mm)7.21" (183.00mm)0.083" (2.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-10.6AW-4FTAS00-10.6AW-4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 10.6" 9.19" (233.40mm)0.08" (2.10mm)5.56" (141.30mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-10.6AW-4AFTAS00-10.6AW-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 10.6" 9.19" (233.40mm)0.08" (2.03mm)5.56" (141.30mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-12.1AN-4FTAS00-12.1AN-4TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 12.1" 9.83" (249.60mm)0.08" (2.10mm)7.41" (188.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-12.1AN-4AFTAS00-12.1AN-4ATOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 12.1" 9.83" (249.60mm)0.08" (2.03mm)7.41" (188.10mm)4-WireRoHS
    FTAS00-121A5FTAS00-121A5TOUCH SCREEN RESISTIVE 12.1" 9.94" (252.40mm)0.083" (2.10mm)7.50" (190.60mm)RS232, USBRoHS

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    Associated Product
    NKK Switches FTCU04B
    Category: Optoelectronics-Touch Screen Overlays