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USB 2.0
Pimoroni Ltd
Flotilla Series
Pimoroni Ltd
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Flotilla Series

Shielded USB Cables

Pimoroni Ltd

The Flotilla cables are perfect for connecting the Flotilla modules to the Dock, and the Dock to your computer. They're high-spec cables, designed specifically to deal with the higher currents that the Flotilla components can draw.

  • Shielding:Shielded

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    CAB0700CAB0700CABLE A PLUG TO MCR B PLUG A Male to Micro B Male---
    CAB0701CAB0701CBL MCR B PLUG-MCR B PLUG 0.33' Micro B Male to Micro B Male0.33' (100.0mm)--
    CAB0703CAB0703CBL MCR B PLUG-MCR B PLUG 1.64' Micro B Male to Micro B Male1.64' (500.0mm)--
    CAB0702CAB0702CBL MCR B PLUG-MCR B PLUG 0.82' Micro B Male to Micro B Male0.82' (250.0mm)--

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