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Samtec Inc.
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Flexstrip Cables
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Flat Flex Cables

Flexstrip Cables

Flat Flex Cable

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Flexstrip jumpers offer a flat conductor construction that provides unrivalled flexibility and resistance against vibration and high flexing cycles. Especially in applications that require a reliable high performance interconnect, the Flexstrip jumpers can be repeatedly flexed without failure.

  • Versatile and highly flexible board to board jumper system
  • Provides connections between PCBs, within a piece of equipment without wire stripping or preparation
  • Computers
  • Handheld terminals
  • Bar code readers
  • Printers
  • Consumer devices
  • Automotive
  • Industrial machinery
  • Household appliances
  • Cable Type:Flexstrip
  • Number of Conductors:2 ~ 20

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FSK-11A-20FSK-11A-20CABLE FLXSTRP 20POS 1.27MM 1" Flexstrip200.050" (1.27mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
2205086-12205086-1CABLE FLXSTRP 5POS 1.27MM 0.5" Flexstrip50.050" (1.27mm)0.500" (12.70mm)RoHS
2-6447164-72-6447164-7CABLE FLXSTRP 8POS 1.27MM 2" Flexstrip80.050" (1.27mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
1832785-11832785-1CABLE FLXSTRP 12POS 2.00MM 0.9" Flexstrip120.079" (2.00mm)0.900" (22.86mm)RoHS
2205094-12205094-1CABLE FLXSTRP 3POS 2.00MM 2.5" Flexstrip30.079" (2.00mm)2.500" (63.50mm)RoHS
5-1474644-05-1474644-0CABLE FLXSTRP 4POS 2.54MM 2" Flexstrip40.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
2-1474644-82-1474644-8CABLE FLXSTRP 14POS 2.54MM 2" Flexstrip140.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
1-1474654-21-1474654-2CABLE FLXSTRP 16POS 2.54MM 2" Flexstrip160.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
6-1437189-36-1437189-3CABLE FLXSTRP 5POS 2.54MM 4" Flexstrip50.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
FST-21A-4FST-21A-4CABLE FLXSTRP 4POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip40.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
FST-23A-5FST-23A-5CABLE FLXSTRP 5POS 2.54MM 3" Flexstrip50.100" (2.54mm)3.000" (76.20mm)RoHS
5-6447163-25-6447163-2CABLE FLXSTRP 16POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip160.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
FST-21A-16FST-21A-16CABLE FLXSTRP 16POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip160.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
FST-21A-3FST-21A-3CABLE FLXSTRP 3POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip30.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
3-1474644-83-1474644-8CABLE FLXSTRP 14POS 2.54MM 4" Flexstrip140.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
FST-21A-13FST-21A-13CABLE FLXSTRP 13POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip130.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
FST-21A-2FST-21A-2CABLE FLXSTRP 2POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip20.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
FSP-21A-8FSP-21A-8CABLE FLXSTRP 8POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip80.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
7-6437144-07-6437144-0CABLE FLXSTRP 6POS 2.54MM 3" Flexstrip60.100" (2.54mm)3.000" (76.20mm)RoHS
FSP-22A-12FSP-22A-12CABLE FLXSTRP 12POS 2.54MM 2" Flexstrip120.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
6-6437144-26-6437144-2CABLE FLXSTRP 8POS 2.54MM 3" Flexstrip80.100" (2.54mm)3.000" (76.20mm)RoHS
FST-22A-5FST-22A-5CABLE FLXSTRP 5POS 2.54MM 2" Flexstrip50.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
6-1474654-06-1474654-0CABLE FLXSTRP 12POS 2.54MM 4" Flexstrip120.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
2-1474644-72-1474644-7CABLE FLXSTRP 4POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip40.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
FSP-22A-4FSP-22A-4CABLE FLXSTRP 4POS 2.54MM 2" Flexstrip40.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
5-1437186-05-1437186-0CABLE FLXSTRP 5POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip50.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
9-6474612-49-6474612-4CABLE FLXSTRP 8POS 2.54MM 2" Flexstrip80.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
FST-21A-6FST-21A-6CABLE FLXSTRP 6POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip60.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS
4-1474654-84-1474654-8CABLE FLXSTRP 11POS 2.54MM 1" Flexstrip110.100" (2.54mm)1.000" (25.40mm)RoHS

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