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Flexo® Heavy Wall Series
Flexo® HT Halar® Series
Flexo® Noise Reduction Series
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Flexo® HT Halar® Series

Plenum Rated, Self Extinguishing, Expandable Sleeving


Halar® self-extinguishing sleeving is used where flammability, high temperature endurance and low outgassing are primary concerns. Halar® is braided from 11 mil ethylene chlorotriflouroethylene (ECTFE) copolymer monofilament. Halar® resists a wide range of corrosive chemicals and organic solvents, including strong acids, chlorine and aqueous caustics. Ideal for use in advanced technological applications where minimum flame spread and extremely low outgassing are mandatory.

Product Description

Because of its low flame spread and smoke generation properties, this product meets UL 2024 and NFPA 262 plenum specifications, carries a UL flame resistance rating of VW-1 and exceeds automotive industry requirements of FMVSS 302, as well as aviation industry requirements of FAR 25.

  • Abrasion Protection:Abrasion and Cut Resistant
  • Color:Black, White
  • Features:Acid Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Clean Cut, Self Extinguishing, Solvent Resistant
  • Heat Protection:Flame Resistant, Heat Resistant
  • Liquid Protection:Gasoline Resistant
  • Material:Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE), Halogen Free, Plenum Rated
  • Material Flammability Rating:UL VW-1
  • Operating Temperature:-75°C ~ 150°C
  • Type:Sleeve
  • Type Attributes:Expandable
  • Wall Thickness:0.028" (0.71mm)

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HTN0.50TB500HTN0.50TB500SLEEVING 1/2" X 500' BLACK/WHITESleeveExpandable0.500" (12.70mm)0.750" (19.05mm)RoHS
HTN0.13TB225HTN0.13TB225SLEEVING 1/8" X 225' BLACK/WHITESleeveExpandable0.125" (3.18mm)0.250" (6.35mm)RoHS
HTN0.25TB200HTN0.25TB200SLEEVING 1/4" X 200' BLACK/WHITESleeveExpandable0.250" (6.35mm)0.438" (11.13mm)RoHS
HTN0.38TB125HTN0.38TB125SLEEVING 3/8" X 125' BLACK/WHITESleeveExpandable0.375" (9.53mm)0.625" (15.88mm)RoHS
HTN0.50TB100HTN0.50TB100SLEEVING 1/2" X 100' BLACK/WHITESleeveExpandable0.500" (12.70mm)0.750" (19.05mm)RoHS
HTN0.75TB75HTN0.75TB75SLEEVING 3/4" X 75' BLACK/WHITE SleeveExpandable0.750" (19.05mm)1.250" (31.75mm)RoHS
HTN0.75TB250HTN0.75TB250SLEEVING 3/4" X 250' BLACK/WHITESleeveExpandable0.750" (19.05mm)1.250" (31.75mm)RoHS
HTN1.00TB65HTN1.00TB65SLEEVING 1" X 65' BLACK/WHITE SleeveExpandable1.000" (25.40mm)1.625" (41.28mm)RoHS
HTN0.25TB1000HTN0.25TB1000SLEEVING 1/4" X 1000' BLACK/WHT SleeveExpandable0.250" (6.35mm)0.438" (11.13mm)RoHS

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