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FKP 2 Series
FKP 3 Series
FKP 4 Series

FKP 3 Series

Polypropylene (PP), Radial Leaded Film Capacitors


The FKP 3 Series are polypropylene film and foil capacitors for pulse applications. They feature very low dissipation factor and very low dielectric absorption.

  • Pulse duty construction
  • Negative capacitance change versus temperature
  • Sample and hold
  • Timing
  • LC-filtering
  • Oscillating circuits
  • Audio equipment
  • Applications:High Frequency, Switching; High Pulse, DV/DT
  • Capacitance:150pF ~ 0.1µF
  • Dielectric Material:Polypropylene (PP)
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 100°C
  • Package / Case:Radial
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Termination:PC Pins
  • Voltage Rating - AC:40V ~ 300V

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FKP3J001502B00JSC9FKP3J001502B00JSC9CAP FILM 150PF 5% 630VDC RAD 150pF±5%300V630VRadial
FKP3O103302B00KSSDFKP3O103302B00KSSDCAP FILM 330PF 10% 1KVDC RAD 330pF±10%300V1000V (1kV)Radial
FKP3J003302B00KSSDFKP3J003302B00KSSDCAP FILM 330PF 10% 630VDC RAD 330pF±10%300V630VRadial
FKP3O104702B00MSSDFKP3O104702B00MSSDCAP FILM 470PF 20% 1KVDC RAD 470pF±20%300V1000V (1kV)Radial
FKP3O104702B00JSSDFKP3O104702B00JSSDCAP FILM 470PF 5% 1KVDC RAD 470pF±5%300V1000V (1kV)Radial
FKP3J004702B00JSSDFKP3J004702B00JSSDCAP FILM 470PF 5% 630VDC RAD 470pF±5%300V630VRadial
FKP3F011002B00KSSDFKP3F011002B00KSSDCAP FILM 1000PF 10% 250VDC RAD 1000pF±10%160V250VRadial
FKP3G011002B00KSSDFKP3G011002B00KSSDCAP FILM 1000PF 10% 400VDC RAD 1000pF±10%250V400VRadial
FKP3J011503D00JSSDFKP3J011503D00JSSDCAP FILM 1500PF 5% 630VDC RAD 1500pF±5%300V630VRadial
FKP3G012202C00MSSDFKP3G012202C00MSSDCAP FILM 2200PF 20% 400VDC RAD 2200pF±20%250V400VRadial
FKP3O112203D00KSSDFKP3O112203D00KSSDCAP FILM 2200PF 10% 1KVDC RAD 2200pF±10%300V1000V (1kV)Radial
FKP3G012203D00JSSDFKP3G012203D00JSSDCAP FILM 2200PF 5% 400VDC RAD 2200pF±5%250V400VRadial
FKP3G012202C00KSSDFKP3G012202C00KSSDCAP FILM 2200PF 10% 400VDC RAD 2200pF±10%250V400VRadial
FKP3D013302B00KSSDFKP3D013302B00KSSDCAP FILM 3300PF 10% 100VDC RAD 3300pF±10%63V100VRadial
FKP3G013303D00KSSDFKP3G013303D00KSSDCAP FILM 3300PF 10% 400VDC RAD 3300pF±10%250V400VRadial
FKP3G013303D00JSSDFKP3G013303D00JSSDCAP FILM 3300PF 5% 400VDC RAD 3300pF±5%250V400VRadial
FKP3G021004B00JSSDFKP3G021004B00JSSDCAP FILM 10000PF 5% 400VDC RAD 10000pF±5%250V400VRadial
FKP3J021004C00JSSDFKP3J021004C00JSSDCAP FILM 10000PF 5% 630VDC RAD 10000pF±5%300V630VRadial
FKP3D021503D00JSSDFKP3D021503D00JSSDCAP FILM 0.015UF 5% 100VDC RAD 0.015µF±5%63V100VRadial
FKP3G021504C00JSSDFKP3G021504C00JSSDCAP FILM 0.015UF 5% 400VDC RAD 0.015µF±5%250V400VRadial
FKP3D021503D00KSSDFKP3D021503D00KSSDCAP FILM 0.015UF 10% 100VDC RAD 0.015µF±10%63V100VRadial
FKP3G021504C00KSSDFKP3G021504C00KSSDCAP FILM 0.015UF 10% 400VDC RAD 0.015µF±10%250V400VRadial
FKP3J021504F00JSSDFKP3J021504F00JSSDCAP FILM 0.015UF 5% 630VDC RAD 0.015µF±5%300V630VRadial
FKP3F022204C00KSSDFKP3F022204C00KSSDCAP FILM 0.022UF 10% 250VDC RAD 0.022µF±10%160V250VRadial
FKP3F022204C00JSSDFKP3F022204C00JSSDCAP FILM 0.022UF 5% 250VDC RAD 0.022µF±5%160V250VRadial
FKP3G022204D00JSSDFKP3G022204D00JSSDCAP FILM 0.022UF 5% 400VDC RAD 0.022µF±5%250V400VRadial
FKP3J022204J00JSSDFKP3J022204J00JSSDCAP FILM 0.022UF 5% 630VDC RAD 0.022µF±5%300V630VRadial
FKP3C023303D00KSSDFKP3C023303D00KSSDCAP FILM 0.033UF 10% 63VDC RAD 0.033µF±10%40V63VRadial
FKP3C031004C00JSSDFKP3C031004C00JSSDCAP FILM 0.1UF 5% 63VDC RAD 0.1µF±5%40V63VRadial
FKP3D031004D00KSSDFKP3D031004D00KSSDCAP FILM 0.1UF 10% 100VDC RAD 0.1µF±10%63V100VRadial

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