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Triad Magnetics
FIT Series
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FIT Series

Switchmode/High Frequency Toroidal Inductors

Triad Magnetics

Triad toroidal inductors are specifically designed to minimize transients. These devices store energy, and therefore, condition the output signal by leveling out the current waveform providing a more stable current supply. Generally used in high frequency circuits, Triad Magnetics' standardized design provides an economical solution in differential mode applications or as an output inductor.

  • Current Rating:2.8A ~ 9.7A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):11 mOhm Max ~ 139 mOhm Max
  • Inductance:8.06µH ~ 253µH
  • Inductance Frequency - Test:10kHz
  • Material - Core:Iron Powder
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Package / Case:Radial
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Type:Toroidal

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FIT68-4FIT68-4FIXED IND 43.3UH 4.8A 42.4 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder43.3µH-RadialRoHS
FIT68-1FIT68-1FIXED IND 89.5UH 2.8A 108 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder89.5µH-RadialRoHS
FIT80-1FIT80-1FIXED IND 128UH 4A 95.2 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder128µH-RadialRoHS
FIT106-6FIT106-6FIXED IND 70.05UH 9.7A 24 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder70.05µH-RadialRoHS
FIT106-3FIT106-3FIXED IND 154UH 5.7A 74 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder154µH-RadialRoHS
FIT50-1FIT50-1FIXED IND 47.4UH 2.8A 78.9 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder47.4µH-RadialRoHS
FIT50-3FIT50-3FIXED IND 27.16UH 4A 40.1 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder27.16µH-RadialRoHS
FIT50-4FIT50-4FIXED IND 21.65UH 4.8A 29.2 MOHMToroidalIron Powder21.65µH-RadialRoHS
FIT50-7FIT50-7FIXED IND 8.86UH 8.1A 11 MOHM THToroidalIron Powder8.86µH-RadialRoHS
FIT50-5FIT50-5FIXED IND 16.76UH 5.7A 20 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder16.76µH-RadialRoHS
FIT68-7FIT68-7FIXED IND 18.64UH 8.1A 14.8 MOHMToroidalIron Powder18.64µH-RadialRoHS
FIT68-5FIT68-5FIXED IND 33.15UH 5.7A 28.8 MOHMToroidalIron Powder33.15µH-RadialRoHS
FIT68-3FIT68-3FIXED IND 54.81UH 4A 59.9 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder54.81µH-RadialRoHS
FIT80-4FIT80-4FIXED IND 65.04UH 6.8A 32.8 MOHMToroidalIron Powder65.04µH-RadialRoHS
FIT80-3FIT80-3FIXED IND 80.75UH 5.7A 44.8 MOHMToroidalIron Powder80.75µH-RadialRoHS
FIT106-1FIT106-1FIXED IND 253UH 4A 139 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder253µH-RadialRoHS
FIT106-4FIT106-4FIXED IND 116UH 6.8A 48.5 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder116µH-RadialRoHS
FIT80-5FIT80-5FIXED IND 47.7UH 8.1A 22.5 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder47.7µH-RadialRoHS
FIT50-2FIT50-2FIXED IND 35.48UH 3.4A 57.8 MOHMToroidalIron Powder35.48µH-RadialRoHS
FIT50-6FIT50-6FIXED IND 12.5UH 6.8A 14 MOHM THToroidalIron Powder12.5µH-RadialRoHS
FIT44-2FIT44-2FIXED IND 14.75UH 3.4A 30.7 MOHMToroidalIron Powder14.75µH-RadialRoHS
FIT44-1FIT44-1FIXED IND 18.85UH 2.8A 44.8 MOHMToroidalIron Powder18.85µH-RadialRoHS
FIT44-3FIT44-3FIXED IND 12.3UH 4A 23.4 MOHM THToroidalIron Powder12.3µH-RadialRoHS
FIT80-2FIT80-2FIXED IND 107.5UH 4.8A 67.9 MOHMToroidalIron Powder107.5µH-RadialRoHS
FIT80-6FIT80-6FIXED IND 38.07UH 9.7A 17 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder38.07µH-RadialRoHS
FIT44-4FIT44-4FIXED IND 8.06UH 4.8A 15.9 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder8.06µH-RadialRoHS
FIT68-6FIT68-6FIXED IND 24.31UH 6.8A 20.2 MOHMToroidalIron Powder24.31µH-RadialRoHS

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Triad Magnetics FITK
Category: Passives-Inductors, Coils, Chokes-Kits-Fixed