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Alpha Wire
EcoFlex® Series
Alpha Wire
Fieldbus Series
Alpha Wire
Multi-Conductor, Audio Video Cables

Fieldbus Series

Multi-Conductor, Foil Shielded Cables

Alpha Wire

Fieldbus cables meets ruggedness, performance, and quality requirements of almost any fieldbus application environment.

  • Cable Type:Multi-Conductor
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Tinned
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Jacket Color:Orange
  • Number of Conductors:2 (1 Pair Twisted)
  • Shield Coverage:100%
  • Shield Material:Aluminum
  • Shield Type:Foil
  • Voltage:300V
  • Wire Gauge:18 AWG ~ 22 AWG

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6460 OR0056460 OR005MULTI-PAIR 2COND 22AWG SHLD 100'Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair Twisted)22 AWG7/0.0096"RoHS
6459 OR0016459 OR001MULTI-PAIR 2COND 18AWG 1000' Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair Twisted)18 AWG7/26RoHS
6459 OR0056459 OR005MULTI-PAIR 2COND 18AWG SHLD 100'Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair Twisted)18 AWG7/26RoHS
6461 OR0056461 OR005MULTI-PAIR 2COND 22AWG SHLD 100'Multi-Conductor2 (1 Pair Twisted)22 AWG7/30RoHS

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