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TDK Corporation
TSF, H and GA Series
TDK Corporation
FD and MD Series
TDK Corporation
FHV Series

FD and MD Series

Ultra High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

TDK Corporation

Molded from resins that provide outstanding insulation and moisture resistance, these capacitors are ideal for high-voltage power circuits in electrical power transmission and receiving devices.

Product Description

They are compact in size and exhibit excellent low-loss, low distortion characteristics. Capacitance values are largely unaffected by variations in applied voltage. Internal screw thread design simplifies mounting requirements.

  • General Purpose
  • High voltage surge absorbers, gas circuit breakers in electrical
power transmission and receiving devices, and lightning
  • Voltage distribution elements in high-voltage measuring devices
  • Impedance matching in transformers and high-voltage AC
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:100pF ~ 1000pF
  • Features:High Voltage
  • Mounting Type:Requires Holder
  • Operating Temperature:-30°C ~ 85°C
  • Package / Case:Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
  • Temperature Coefficient:Y5P (B)
  • Tolerance:±10%

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FD-9AUFD-9AUCAP CER 100PF 10KV Y5P DISK 100pF±10%10000V (10kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-22AUFD-22AUCAP CER 250PF 20KV Y5P DISK 250pF±10%20000V (20kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-33AUFD-33AUCAP CER 250PF 25KV Y5P DISK 250pF±10%25000V (25kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-16AUFD-16AUCAP CER 250PF 13KV Y5P DISK 250pF±10%13000V (13kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-10AUFD-10AUCAP CER 250PF 10KV Y5P DISK 250pF±10%10000V (10kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-36AUFD-36AUCAP CER 500PF 25KV Y5P DISK 500pF±10%25000V (25kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-11AUFD-11AUCAP CER 500PF 10KV Y5P DISK 500pF±10%10000V (10kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-18AUFD-18AUCAP CER 500PF 13KV Y5P DISK 500pF±10%13000V (13kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-12AUFD-12AUCAP CER 1000PF 10KV Y5P DISK 1000pF±10%10000V (10kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS
FD-20AUFD-20AUCAP CER 1000PF 13KV Y5P DISK 1000pF±10%13000V (13kV)Y5P (B)Disk, Metal Fitting - ThreadedRoHS

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