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General Cable/Carol Brand
Carolprene® Jacketed Type SOOW
General Cable/Carol Brand
Exzel™ Series
General Cable/Carol Brand
GenSPEED® 10000 Series
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Exzel™ Series

Multi-Conductor Cable

General Cable/Carol Brand

Carol® Brand’s EXZEL™ High-Endurance Electronic Cables are ideal for multiple markets and applications. EXZEL™ High-Endurance Electronic Cables are manufactured with selection, quality and dependability in mind.

  • Shielded and unshielded constructions
  • 100% Flexfoil® aluminum/polyester, foil facing in
  • Reduced downtime for lower cost of ownership
  • Superior reliability, even in the harshest environments
  • Extensive selection to meet application needs
  • Optimum lifespan in severe operating conditions
  • Highest available shield coverage for maximum EMI/RFI resistance
  • Resistant to most oils (UL Class 43) and to ambient temperatures up to 105°C
  • Manufacturing
    • Device communications
    • Control interconnect
    • PLC networking
    • Industrial machinery
  • Utilities
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Wind turbine control
    • Gas delivery communications
  • Medical Diagnostics
    • Digital imaging control
    • Biomedical
  • Food and Beverage
    • Meat and food processing
    • Bottling plants
    • Packaging machines
  • Military
    • Mobile communications
    • Avionics control
  • Semiconductor
    • Robotic handling systems
    • Class I, Division 2
    • Automated test equipment
    • Wafer processing equipment
  • Process
    • Remote monitoring
    • Discrete/analog signaling
  • Cable Type:Multi-Conductor
  • Conductor Insulation:Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Tinned
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Jacket (Insulation) Thickness:0.0320" (0.813mm)
  • Jacket Color:Gray
  • Number of Conductors:4 ~ 10
  • Operating Temperature:-30°C ~ 105°C
  • Voltage:300V
  • Wire Gauge:18 AWG ~ 22 AWG

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C9032A.41.10C9032A.41.10CABLE 6COND 18AWG GRAY 500' Multi-Conductor618 AWG16/30RoHS
C9111A.41.10C9111A.41.10CABLE 4COND 22AWG GRY SHLD 1000'Multi-Conductor422 AWG7/30RoHS
C9031A.41.10C9031A.41.10CABLE 4COND 18AWG GRAY 500' Multi-Conductor418 AWG16/30RoHS
C9113A.41.10C9113A.41.10CABLE 8COND 22AWG GRY SHLD 1000'Multi-Conductor822 AWG7/30RoHS
C9014A.41.10C9014A.41.10CABLE 10COND 22AWG GRAY 500' Multi-Conductor1022 AWG7/30RoHS

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