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Panasonic Electronic Components
Panasonic Electronic Components
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Chip Attenuator 0404 (Unbalanced pi Type)

Panasonic Electronic Components

Panasonics' EXB24AT line of attenuators are offered in a small 0404 type package, with an attenuation range of 0dB to 10 dB.

  • Frequency range 0Hz to 2GHz
  • Attenuation range 0 dB to 10 dB
  • Mounting occupation area reduction : about 50% smaller than the area of an attenuator circuit consisting of three 1005 chip resistors, almost equal to the area of three 0603 chip resistors (1.0 mm x 1.0 mm)
  • Attenuation Value:1dB ~ 10dB
  • Frequency Range:0Hz
  • Impedance:50 Ohms
  • Package / Case:0404 (1010 Metric), Concave
  • Power (Watts):40mW

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EXB-24AT1AR3XEXB-24AT1AR3XRF ATTENUATOR 1DB 50OHM 0404 1dB0Hz40mW50 Ohms0404 (1010 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
EXB-24AT2AR3XEXB-24AT2AR3XRF ATTENUATOR 2DB 50OHM 0404 2dB0Hz40mW50 Ohms0404 (1010 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
EXB-24AT3AR3XEXB-24AT3AR3XRF ATTENUATOR 3DB 50OHM 0404 3dB0Hz40mW50 Ohms0404 (1010 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
EXB-24AT4AR3XEXB-24AT4AR3XRF ATTENUATOR 4DB 50OHM 0404 4dB0Hz40mW50 Ohms0404 (1010 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
EXB-24AT5AR3XEXB-24AT5AR3XRF ATTENUATOR 5DB 50OHM 0404 5dB0Hz40mW50 Ohms0404 (1010 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
EXB-24AT6AR5XEXB-24AT6AR5XRF ATTENUATOR 6DB 50OHM 0404 6dB0Hz40mW50 Ohms0404 (1010 Metric), ConcaveRoHS
EXB-24ATAAR5XEXB-24ATAAR5XRF ATTENUATOR 10DB 50OHM 0404 10dB0Hz40mW50 Ohms0404 (1010 Metric), ConcaveRoHS

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