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Amphenol Industrial Operations
ePower Series
Amphenol Industrial Operations
ePower-Lite Series
Amphenol Sine Systems Corp
AT Series™

ePower-Lite Series

Rectangular Connectors

Amphenol Industrial Operations

The ePower-Lite is designed to be used in the hybrid electric vehicle market with its robust plastic shell that can withstand high temperatures up to 125°C and provides dielectric protection for the connector.

Product Description

With patented RADSOK® technology, the connector features high amperage, low T-rise and voltage drop, and low resistance.

The compact, plastic shell structure is light weight with a small footprint, and is field installable and repairable. ePower-Lite also includes a CPA to provide connector position assurance that it is mated.

  • Plastic shell, light weight
  • Compact design for space considerations with EVs
  • Low mating/un-mating force
  • Durability: 100 mating cycles minimum
  • Color:Orange
  • Features:Connector Position Assurance (CPA), Shielded, Waterproof (Mated, IP67)
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 4
  • Number of Rows:1 ~ 2
  • Wire Type:Discrete

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ELP3A03ELP3A03CONN PLUG 3POS FOR 6.0MM PlugFemale Socket3-RoHS
ELP3A01ELP3A01CONN PLUG 3POS FOR 2.5MM PlugFemale Socket3-RoHS
ELP4A04ELP4A04CONN PLUG 4POS FOR 10.0M PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
ELP02A03ELP02A03CONN PLUG 2POS CODE A PlugFemale Socket2-RoHS
ELP2A01ELP2A01CONN PLUG 2POS FOR 2.5MM PlugFemale Socket2-RoHS
ELP2A02ELP2A02CONN PLUG 2POS FOR 4.0MM PlugFemale Socket2-RoHS
ELP2A04ELP2A04CONN PLUG 2POS FOR 10.0M PlugFemale Socket2-RoHS
ELP3A04ELP3A04CONN PLUG 3POS FOR 10.0M PlugFemale Socket3-RoHS
ELP3A02ELP3A02CONN PLUG 3POS FOR 4.0MM PlugFemale Socket3-RoHS
ELP4A01ELP4A01CONN PLUG 4POS FOR 2.5MM PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
ELP4A02ELP4A02CONN PLUG 4POS FOR 4.0MM PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
ELP4A03ELP4A03CONN PLUG 4POS FOR 6.0MM PlugFemale Socket4-RoHS
ELR2A04ELR2A04CONN RCPT 2POS ReceptacleMale Pin2-RoHS
ELR3A03ELR3A03CONN RCPT 3POS ReceptacleMale Pin3-RoHS
ELR4A04ELR4A04CONN RCPT 4POS ReceptacleMale Pin4-RoHS
ELR4A01ELR4A01CONN RCPT 4POS ReceptacleMale Pin4-RoHS
ELR2A03ELR2A03CONN RCPT 2POS ReceptacleMale Pin2-RoHS
ELR2A01ELR2A01CONN RCPT 2POS ReceptacleMale Pin2-RoHS
ELR3A04ELR3A04CONN RCPT 3POS ReceptacleMale Pin3-RoHS
ELR2A02ELR2A02CONN RCPT 2POS ReceptacleMale Pin2-RoHS
ELR3A01ELR3A01CONN RCPT 3POS ReceptacleMale Pin3-RoHS
ELR3A02ELR3A02CONN RCPT 3POS ReceptacleMale Pin3-RoHS
ELR4A02ELR4A02CONN RCPT 4POS ReceptacleMale Pin4-RoHS
ELR4A03ELR4A03CONN RCPT 4POS ReceptacleMale Pin4-RoHS

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