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Socket to Plug Cable Assemblies
EL Wire Male/Female Set (30cm)
Digi-Key Electronics
Socket to Plug Cable Assemblies
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EL Wire Male/Female Set (30cm)

FIT0177 - EL Wire Male/Female Set (30cm)


This product includes a pair in-line power wire connectors. If you have a project where you'd like to be able to detach the wiring, this wire will fit the bill. It’s a JST 2.5mm 'free hanging' cable assembly that latches strongly. This is the matching connector to the inverter. It is required to connect EL wire to the inverter, with a 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch connector on the end. Warnings: If you're using this for DC power or signal, please triple-check the polarity before plugging it in.

  • Color:Black, Red, Individual
  • Connector Type:Socket to Plug
  • Length:0.984' (300.00mm, 11.81")
  • Number of Positions:2
  • Pitch - Connector:0.100" (2.54mm)