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ECW-H(A) Series

Polypropylene (PP), Metallized, Radial Leaded Film Capacitors

Panasonic Electronic Components

The ECW-H(A) Series, using polypropylene as a dielectric, is designed specifically for high frequency and high current applications. The ECW-H(A) is highly recommended for resonance applications.

  • Applications:High Frequency, Switching
  • Capacitance:1000pF ~ .047µF
  • Dielectric Material:Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 105°C
  • Package / Case:Radial
  • Termination:PC Pins
  • Voltage Rating - AC:283V ~ 700V
ECW-H8333HAECW-H8333HACAP FILM 0.033UF 3% 800VDC RAD .033µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-H8473HAECW-H8473HACAP FILM 0.047UF 3% 800VDC RAD .047µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-H8393HAECW-H8393HACAP FILM 0.039UF 3% 800VDC RAD .039µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-H8123HAECW-H8123HACAP FILM 0.012UF 3% 800VDC RAD .012µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-H8153HAECW-H8153HACAP FILM 0.015UF 3% 800VDC RAD .015µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-H8183HAECW-H8183HACAP FILM 0.018UF 3% 800VDC RAD .018µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-H8273HAECW-H8273HACAP FILM 0.027UF 3% 800VDC RAD .027µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-H8103HAECW-H8103HACAP FILM 10000PF 3% 800VDC RAD 10000pF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C622HECW-HA3C622HCAP FILM 6200PF 3% 1.6KVDC RAD 6200pF±3%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C472HECW-HA3C472HCAP FILM 4700PF 3% 1.6KVDC RAD 4700pF±3%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C472JECW-HA3C472JCAP FILM 4700PF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD 4700pF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C393JECW-HA3C393JCAP FILM 0.039UF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD .039µF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C332JBECW-HA3C332JBCAP FILM 3300PF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD 3300pF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C332HBECW-HA3C332HBCAP FILM 3300PF 3% 1.6KVDC RAD 3300pF±3%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C223JECW-HA3C223JCAP FILM 0.022UF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD .022µF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C153JECW-HA3C153JCAP FILM 0.015UF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD .015µF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C103HECW-HA3C103HCAP FILM 10000PF 3% 1.6KVDC RAD 10000pF±3%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C103JECW-HA3C103JCAP FILM 10000PF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD 10000pF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C102JBECW-HA3C102JBCAP FILM 1000PF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD 1000pF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
ECW-H8223HAECW-H8223HACAP FILM 0.022UF 3% 800VDC RAD .022µF±3%283V800VRadialRoHS
ECW-HA3C473JECW-HA3C473JCAP FILM 0.047UF 5% 1.6KVDC RAD .047µF±5%700V1600V (1.6kV)RadialRoHS
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