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Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
CrossLink™ LIF-MD6000 Master Link Evaluation Board
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
ECP5™ Versa Evaluation Boards
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
Himax HM01B0 UPduino Shield
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ECP5™ Versa Evaluation Boards

ECP5™ Versa Evaluation Board using the ECP5 Field-Programmable Gate Array

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

The ECP5™ Versa Evaluation Board allows designers to investigate and experiment with the features of the ECP5 Field-Programmable Gate Array. The features of the ECP5 Versa Evaluation Board can assist engineers with rapid prototyping and testing of their specific designs. The ECP5 Versa Evaluation Board is part of the ECP5 Versa Development Kit. The guide is intended to be referenced in conjunction with demo user’s guides to demonstrate the ECP5 FPGA.

  • Half-length PCI Express form-factor
    • Allows demonstration of PCI Express x1 interconnection
  • Electrical testing of one full-duplex SERDES channel via SMA connections
  • USB-B connection for UART and device programming
  • Two RJ45 interfaces to 10/100/1000 Ethernet to RGMII
  • On-board Boot Flash 128M Serial SPI Flash
  • DDR3-1866 memory components (64Mb/x16)
  • Expansion mezzanine interconnection for prototyping
  • 14-segment alphanumeric display
  • Switches, LEDs and displays for demo purposes
  • Diamond® programming support
  • On-board reference clock sources
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  • Type:FPGA
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Molex SMA, 73100, 73251 and 73391 Series
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors-Coaxial, RF Connectors-Connectors-Threaded