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Alpha Wire
EcoFlex® PUR Series
Alpha Wire
EcoFlex® Series
Alpha Wire
Fieldbus Series

EcoFlex® Series

Multi-Conductor Cable

Alpha Wire

EcoFlex® cable is Alpha Wire’s innovation in control cabling. A true engineering breakthrough, EcoFlex® cable combines better performance with a minimum environmental impact. It derives its advantages from modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE) jacketing and insulation. EcoFlex® cable has such a high dielectric strength that it can handle 600V applications at a 300V size, making it a good choice for both 300V and 600V applications.

Product Description

Environmentally Friendly - EcoFlex® cable contains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals. The mPPE thermoplastic insulation and jacketing can be easily recycled. They meet RoHS and WEEE requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability.

Low Specific Gravity - The 1.03 specific gravity of mPPE is 25% to 40% lower than other insulation materials, such as PVC, polyethylene, and cross linked polyethylene. Along with the reduced wall thickness, the low specific gravity yields significant weight savings of up to 55% with EcoFlex® cable.

Better Dielectric Strength - The superior dielectric properties of mPPE make a reduced wall thickness possible, while maintaining the same electrical properties as a thicker PVC control cable.

  • Compact cable for moderate flex applications
  • Rated for more than 1 million flex cycles
  • Easier routing and handling
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Up to 32% smaller
  • Up to 55% lighter
  • Capable of handling temperatures extremes to -40°C
  • Up to 91% lower outgassing
  • Three shielding options:
    • Unshielded
    • Braid Shielded
    • SupraShield® Foil + Braid Shield
  • Cable Type:Multi-Conductor
  • Conductor Insulation:Polyphenylene Ether, Modified (mPPE)
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Tinned
  • Features:Biological Compatibility
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Polyphenylene Ether, Modified (mPPE)
  • Jacket (Insulation) Thickness:0.0350" (0.889mm)
  • Jacket Color:Slate
  • Number of Conductors:2 ~ 18
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 105°C
  • Ratings:ISO 10993
  • Voltage:600V
  • Wire Gauge:12 AWG ~ 28 AWG

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79010 SL00579010 SL005CABLE 2COND 18AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor218 AWG16/30RoHS
79003 SL00579003 SL005CABLE 4COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor420 AWG10/30RoHS
79061 SL00579061 SL005CABLE 2COND 28AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor228 AWG7/36RoHS
79050 SL00579050 SL005CABLE 2COND 24AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor224 AWG19/36RoHS
79051 SL00579051 SL005CABLE 3COND 24AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor324 AWG19/36RoHS
79052 SL00579052 SL005CABLE 4COND 24AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor424 AWG19/36RoHS
79045 SL00579045 SL005CABLE 3COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor322 AWG19/34RoHS
79053 SL00579053 SL005CABLE 6COND 24AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor624 AWG19/36RoHS
79046 SL00179046 SL001CABLE 4COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor422 AWG19/34RoHS
79003 SL00179003 SL001CABLE 4COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor420 AWG10/30RoHS
79062 SL00579062 SL005CABLE 3COND 28AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor328 AWG7/36RoHS
79001 SL00579001 SL005CABLE 2COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor220 AWG10/30RoHS
79046 SL00579046 SL005CABLE 4COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor422 AWG19/34RoHS
79244 SL00579244 SL005CABLE 2COND 22AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor222 AWG19/34RoHS
79011 SL00579011 SL005CABLE 3COND 18AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor318 AWG16/30RoHS
79047 SL00579047 SL005CABLE 6COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor622 AWG19/34RoHS
79102 SL00579102 SL005CABLE 3COND 20AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor320 AWG10/30RoHS
79054 SL00579054 SL005CABLE 8COND 24AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor824 AWG19/36RoHS
79210 SL00579210 SL005CABLE 2COND 18AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor218 AWG16/30RoHS
79012 SL00579012 SL005CABLE 4COND 18AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor418 AWG16/30RoHS
79019 SL00579019 SL005CABLE 2COND 16AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor216 AWG26/30RoHS
79116 SL00579116 SL005CABLE 2COND 16AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor216 AWG26/30RoHS
79055 SL00579055 SL005CABLE 10COND 24AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor1024 AWG19/36RoHS
79246 SL00579246 SL005CABLE 4COND 22AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor422 AWG19/34RoHS
79103 SL00579103 SL005CABLE 4COND 20AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor420 AWG10/30RoHS
79021 SL00579021 SL005CABLE 4COND 16AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor416 AWG26/30RoHS
79253 SL00579253 SL005CABLE 6COND 24AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor624 AWG19/36RoHS
79219 SL00579219 SL005CABLE 3COND 16AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor316 AWG26/30RoHS
79007 SL00579007 SL005CABLE 12COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor1220 AWG10/30RoHS
79255 SL00579255 SL005CABLE 10COND 24AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor1024 AWG19/36RoHS
79118 SL00579118 SL005CABLE 4COND 16AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor416 AWG26/30RoHS
79006 SL00579006 SL005CABLE 9COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor920 AWG10/30RoHS
79056 SL00579056 SL005CABLE 2COND 26AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor226 AWG7/34RoHS
79057 SL00579057 SL005CABLE 3COND 26AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor326 AWG7/34RoHS
79256 SL00579256 SL005CABLE 2COND 26AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor226 AWG7/34RoHS
79002 SL00579002 SL005CABLE 3COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor320 AWG10/30RoHS
79059 SL00579059 SL005CABLE 6COND 26AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor626 AWG7/34RoHS
79262 SL00579262 SL005CABLE 3COND 28AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor328 AWG7/36RoHS
79251 SL00579251 SL005CABLE 3COND 24AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor324 AWG19/36RoHS
79060 SL00579060 SL005CABLE 8COND 26AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor826 AWG7/34RoHS
79028 SL00579028 SL005CABLE 2COND 14AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor214 AWG41/30RoHS
79258 SL00579258 SL005CABLE 4COND 26AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor426 AWG7/34RoHS
79202 SL00579202 SL005CABLE 3COND 20AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor320 AWG10/30RoHS
79252 SL00579252 SL005CABLE 4COND 24AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor424 AWG19/36RoHS
79004 SL00579004 SL005CABLE 5COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor520 AWG10/30RoHS
79048 SL00579048 SL005CABLE 8COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor822 AWG19/34RoHS
79005 SL00579005 SL005CABLE 7COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor720 AWG10/30RoHS
79110 SL00579110 SL005CABLE 3COND 18AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor318 AWG16/30RoHS
79259 SL00579259 SL005CABLE 6COND 26AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor626 AWG7/34RoHS
79203 SL00579203 SL005CABLE 4COND 20AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor420 AWG10/30RoHS
79029 SL00579029 SL005CABLE 3COND 14AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor314 AWG41/30RoHS
79211 SL00579211 SL005CABLE 3COND 18AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor318 AWG16/30RoHS
79049 SL00579049 SL005CABLE 10COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor1022 AWG19/34RoHS
79121 SL00579121 SL005CABLE 2COND 14AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor214 AWG41/30RoHS
79104 SL00579104 SL005CABLE 5COND 20AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor520 AWG10/30RoHS
79111 SL00579111 SL005CABLE 4COND 18AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor418 AWG16/30RoHS
79037 SL00579037 SL005CABLE 3COND 12AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor312 AWG65/30RoHS
79050 SL00179050 SL001CABLE 2COND 24AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor224 AWG19/36RoHS
79015 SL00579015 SL005CABLE 9COND 18AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor918 AWG16/30RoHS
79031 SL00579031 SL005CABLE 5COND 14AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor514 AWG41/30RoHS
79051 SL00179051 SL001CABLE 3COND 24AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor324 AWG19/36RoHS
79226 SL00579226 SL005CABLE 3COND 14AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor314 AWG41/30RoHS
79044 SL00179044 SL001CABLE 2COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor222 AWG19/34RoHS
79008 SL00579008 SL005CABLE 18COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor1820 AWG10/30RoHS
79052 SL00179052 SL001CABLE 4COND 24AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor424 AWG19/36RoHS
79002 SL00179002 SL001CABLE 3COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor320 AWG10/30RoHS
79053 SL00179053 SL001CABLE 6COND 24AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor624 AWG19/36RoHS
79047 SL00179047 SL001CABLE 6COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor622 AWG19/34RoHS
79044 SL00579044 SL005CABLE 2COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor222 AWG19/34RoHS
79058 SL00579058 SL005CABLE 4COND 26AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor426 AWG7/34RoHS
79245 SL00579245 SL005CABLE 3COND 22AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor322 AWG19/34RoHS
79201 SL00579201 SL005CABLE 2COND 20AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor220 AWG10/30RoHS
79109 SL00579109 SL005CABLE 2COND 18AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor218 AWG16/30RoHS
79248 SL00579248 SL005CABLE 8COND 22AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor822 AWG19/34RoHS
79247 SL00579247 SL005CABLE 6COND 22AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor622 AWG19/34RoHS
79254 SL00579254 SL005CABLE 8COND 24AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor824 AWG19/36RoHS
79261 SL00579261 SL005CABLE 2COND 28AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor228 AWG7/36RoHS
79257 SL00579257 SL005CABLE 3COND 26AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor326 AWG7/34RoHS
79020 SL00579020 SL005CABLE 3COND 16AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor316 AWG26/30RoHS
79013 SL00579013 SL005CABLE 5COND 18AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor518 AWG16/30RoHS
79218 SL00579218 SL005CABLE 2COND 16AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor216 AWG26/30RoHS
79225 SL00579225 SL005CABLE 2COND 14AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor214 AWG41/30RoHS
79014 SL00579014 SL005CABLE 7COND 18AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor718 AWG16/30RoHS
79030 SL00579030 SL005CABLE 4COND 14AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor414 AWG41/30RoHS
79117 SL00579117 SL005CABLE 3COND 16AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor316 AWG26/30RoHS
79260 SL00579260 SL005CABLE 8COND 26AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor826 AWG7/34RoHS
79122 SL00579122 SL005CABLE 3COND 14AWG SHLD 100' Multi-Conductor314 AWG41/30RoHS
79038 SL00579038 SL005CABLE 4COND 12AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor412 AWG65/30RoHS
79058 SL00179058 SL001CABLE 4COND 26AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor426 AWG7/34RoHS
79032 SL00579032 SL005CABLE 7COND 14AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor714 AWG41/30RoHS
79001 SL00179001 SL001CABLE 2COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor220 AWG10/30RoHS
79010 SL00179010 SL001CABLE 2COND 18AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor218 AWG16/30RoHS
79011 SL00179011 SL001CABLE 3COND 18AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor318 AWG16/30RoHS
79054 SL00179054 SL001CABLE 8COND 24AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor824 AWG19/36RoHS
79012 SL00179012 SL001CABLE 4COND 18AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor418 AWG16/30RoHS
79004 SL00179004 SL001CABLE 5COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor520 AWG10/30RoHS
79048 SL00179048 SL001CABLE 8COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor822 AWG19/34RoHS
79055 SL00179055 SL001CABLE 10COND 24AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor1024 AWG19/36RoHS

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Associated Product
Bulgin PXP6010/03P/ST/0507
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Circular Connectors-Connectors