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EcoCable® Series
Alpha Wire
EcoFlex® PUR Series
Alpha Wire
EcoFlex® Series

EcoFlex® PUR Series

EcoFlex® PUR Continuous Flex Cable

Alpha Wire

EcoFlex® PUR Continuous Flex Cables feature the abrasion, UV, and oil resistance of a tough zero-halogen Polyurethane jacket in a flex cable that’s up to 40% smaller and 44% lighter than other 600V continuous flex cables. With its rugged PUR jacket and finely stranded conductors, EcoFlex PUR cable provides 8+ million flex cycles in tough application conditions—while saving space and reducing weight. Alpha Wire's EcoFlex® PUR Series offers a wide range of conductor sizes, conductor counts, and shielded and unshielded versions for your continuous flex cable needs.

  • Zero Halogen, contains no heavy metals or phthalates
  • PUR jacket, mPPE insulation
  • 8M+ flex life cycles
  • Finely stranded tinned copper conductors, class 6
  • Up to 40% smaller and 44% lighter than standard 600V PUR continuous flex cables
  • UL Sunlight Resistant
  • Bend Radius 4X (static) and 6X (dynamic)
  • Cable Type:Multi-Conductor
  • Conductor Insulation:Polyphenylene Ether (PPE)
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Tinned
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Polyurethane (PU)
  • Jacket Color:Slate
  • Length:100.0' (30.5m)
  • Number of Conductors:2 ~ 30
  • Operating Temperature:-50°C ~ 90°C
  • Voltage:600V
  • Wire Gauge:10 AWG ~ 28 AWG

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80041 SL00580041 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 16AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor216 AWG65/34RoHS
80005 SL00580005 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5CON 26AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor526 AWG19/38RoHS
80107 SL00580107 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 8CON 26AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor826 AWG19/38RoHS
80053 SL00580053 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 14AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor414 AWG105/34RoHS
80004 SL00580004 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 26AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor326 AWG19/38RoHS
80020 SL00580020 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor220 AWG26/34RoHS
80120 SL00580120 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 20AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor220 AWG26/34RoHS
80105 SL00580105 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 26AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor426 AWG19/38RoHS
80134 SL00580134 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 18AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor418 AWG41/34RoHS
80117 SL00580117 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 6CON 22AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor622 AWG19/34RoHS
80001 SL00580001 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 28AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor228 AWG19/40RoHS
80008 SL00580008 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 24AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor224 AWG19/36RoHS
80003 SL00580003 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 26AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor226 AWG19/38RoHS
80002 SL00580002 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 28AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor328 AWG19/40RoHS
80014 SL00580014 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 22AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor222 AWG19/34RoHS
80015 SL00580015 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 22AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor322 AWG19/34RoHS
80021 SL00580021 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor320 AWG26/34RoHS
80016 SL00580016 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 22AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor422 AWG19/34RoHS
80010 SL00580010 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5CON 24AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor524 AWG19/36RoHS
80114 SL00580114 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 22AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor222 AWG19/34RoHS
80033 SL00580033 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor318 AWG41/34RoHS
80034 SL00580034 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor418 AWG41/34RoHS
80110 SL00580110 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5CON 24AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor524 AWG19/36RoHS
80133 SL00580133 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 18AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor318 AWG41/34RoHS
80023 SL00580023 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 6CON 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor620 AWG26/34RoHS
80142 SL00580142 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 16AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor316 AWG65/34RoHS
80124 SL00580124 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7CON 20AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor720 AWG26/34RoHS
80123 SL00580123 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 6CON 20AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor620 AWG26/34RoHS
80019 SL00580019 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 10CON 22AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1022 AWG19/34RoHS
80025 SL00580025 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 9CON 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor920 AWG26/34RoHS
80045 SL00580045 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7CON 16AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor716 AWG65/34RoHS
80145 SL00580145 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7CON 16AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor716 AWG65/34RoHS
80101 SL00580101 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 28AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor228 AWG19/40RoHS
80115 SL00580115 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 22AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor322 AWG19/34RoHS
80044 SL00580044 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5CON 16AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor516 AWG65/34RoHS
80013 SL00580013 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 10CON 24AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1024 AWG19/36RoHS
80039 SL00580039 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 18CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1818 AWG41/34RoHS
80048 SL00580048 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 18CON 16AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1816 AWG65/34RoHS
80006 SL00580006 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7 COND 26AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor726 AWG19/38RoHS
80022 SL00580022 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5 COND 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor520 AWG26/34RoHS
80007 SL00580007 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 9 COND 26AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor926 AWG19/38RoHS
80052 SL00580052 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3 COND 14AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor314 AWG105/34RoHS
80136 SL00580136 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7 COND 18AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor718 AWG41/34RoHS
80119 SL00580119 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 10 COND 22AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor1022 AWG19/34RoHS
80125 SL00580125 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 9 COND 20AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor920 AWG26/34RoHS
80054 SL00580054 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5 COND 14AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor514 AWG105/34RoHS
80026 SL00580026 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 12 COND 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1220 AWG26/34RoHS
80126 SL00580126 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 12 COND 20AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor1220 AWG26/34RoHS
80061 SL00580061 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4 COND 12AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor412 AWG168/34RoHS
80159 SL00580159 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4 COND 12AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor412 AWG168/34RoHS
80028 SL00580028 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 20 COND 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor2020 AWG26/34RoHS
80047 SL00580047 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 12 COND 16AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1216 AWG65/34RoHS
80065 SL00580065 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3 COND 10AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor310 AWG259/34RoHS
80056 SL00580056 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 9 COND 14AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor914 AWG105/34RoHS
80057 SL00580057 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 12 COND 14AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1214 AWG105/34RoHS
80161 SL00580161 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7 COND 12AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor712 AWG168/34RoHS
80164 SL00580164 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4 COND 10AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor410 AWG259/34RoHS
80058 SL00580058 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 18 COND 14AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1814 AWG105/34RoHS
80017 SL00580017 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 6CON 22AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor622 AWG19/34RoHS
80009 SL00580009 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 24AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor324 AWG19/36RoHS
80032 SL00580032 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor220 AWG41/34RoHS
80103 SL00580103 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 2CON 26AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor226 AWG19/38RoHS
80102 SL00580102 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 28AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor328 AWG19/40RoHS
80109 SL00580109 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 24AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor324 AWG19/36RoHS
80121 SL00580121 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3 COND 20AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor320 AWG26/34RoHS
80116 SL00580116 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 22AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor422 AWG19/34RoHS
80042 SL00580042 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 16AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor316 AWG65/34RoHS
80024 SL00580024 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7CON 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor720 AWG26/34RoHS
80043 SL00580043 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 16AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor416 AWG65/34RoHS
80035 SL00580035 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor518 AWG41/34RoHS
80018 SL00580018 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 9CON 22AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor922 AWG19/34RoHS
80135 SL00580135 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 5CON 18AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor518 AWG41/34RoHS
80143 SL00580143 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4CON 16AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor416 AWG65/34RoHS
80150 SL00580150 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3CON 14AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor314 AWG105/34RoHS
80037 SL00580037 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 9CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor918 AWG41/34RoHS
80027 SL00580027 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 18CON 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1820 AWG26/34RoHS
80038 SL00580038 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 12CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor1218 AWG41/34RoHS
80040 SL00580040 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 25CON 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor2518 AWG41/34RoHS
80036 SL00580036 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7 COND 18AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor718 AWG41/34RoHS
80151 SL00580151 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4 COND 14AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor414 AWG105/34RoHS
80060 SL00580060 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3 COND 12AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor312 AWG168/34RoHS
80158 SL00580158 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 3 COND 12AWG BRAID Multi-Conductor312 AWG168/34RoHS
80055 SL00580055 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7 COND 14AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor714 AWG105/34RoHS
80030 SL00580030 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 30 COND 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor3020 AWG26/34RoHS
80066 SL00580066 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 4 COND 10AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor410 AWG259/34RoHS
80063 SL00580063 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 7 COND 12AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor712 AWG168/34RoHS
80029 SL00580029 SL005ECOFLEX PUR 25 COND 20AWG UNSH Multi-Conductor2520 AWG26/34RoHS

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