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Würth Elektronik
Earthing Nylon Clips
Würth Elektronik
WA-CHAD Series
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Earthing Nylon Clips

Nylon, Fastener, Clamp, P-Type Grounding Clips

Würth Elektronik

Wurth Electronics' earthing nylon clips are available for cables from 3 mm to 15 mm in diameter. They are very flexible, extremely low weight and without sharp edges. This way the cables are well connected and well fixed to the board without damaging the shielding cable.

  • Very elastic and light, no sharp edges
  • Flexible, metallized earthing clip for mounting connections of electric appliances as well as earthing
  • Color:Silver
  • Features:Flame Retardant
  • Material:Polyamide (PA), Nylon, Metallized Film
  • Mounting Type:Fastener
  • Panel Hole Size:0.169" (4.29mm)
  • Type:Clamp, P-Type
  • Type Attributes:Grounding

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74251327425132CBL CLAMP P-TYPE SILVER FASTENERClamp, P-TypeGrounding0.220" ~ 0.268" (5.60mm ~ 6.80mm)FastenerRoHS
74251307425130CBL CLAMP P-TYPE SILVER FASTENERClamp, P-TypeGrounding0.118" ~ 0.129" (3.00mm ~ 3.30mm)FastenerRoHS
74251317425131CBL CLAMP P-TYPE SILVER FASTENERClamp, P-TypeGrounding0.181" ~ 0.209" (4.60mm ~ 5.30mm)FastenerRoHS
74251337425133CBL CLAMP P-TYPE SILVER FASTENERClamp, P-TypeGrounding0.291" ~ 0.331" (7.40mm ~ 8.40mm)FastenerRoHS
74251347425134CBL CLAMP P-TYPE SILVER FASTENERClamp, P-TypeGrounding0.378" ~ 0.433" (9.60mm ~ 11.00mm)FastenerRoHS

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