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Johanson Technology Inc.
Capacitor Kits
Johanson Technology Inc.
E Series
Johanson Technology Inc.
High-Q MLCC Kits
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E Series

Non-Magnetic, Ceramic MLCC, Surface Mount Capacitor Kits

Johanson Technology Inc.

The E-Series capacitors give excellent high-Q performance from HF to Microwave frequencies. Typical uses are high voltage, high current applications. They are offered in chip (Ni barrier or Non-Magnetic Pt.-Ag) or in Non-Magnetic leaded form.

  • Improved repeatability of production circuits
  • More consistent filter performance
  • The elimination of parallel frequencies
  • Lower inductance for given capacitor
  • Lower coupling between adjacent capacitors
  • High frequency wireless communication
  • Portable wireless products
  • Battery powered products
  • Applications:RF, Microwave, High Frequency
  • Features:High Q, Low Loss, High Voltage
  • Kit Type:Ceramic
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC
  • Packages Included:1111 (2828 Metric)
  • Quantity:280 Pieces (28 Values - 10 Each)

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S111DUES111DUECAP KIT CERAMIC 1PF-1000PF 280PCCeramic1pF ~ 1000pFSurface Mount, MLCC500V, 1000V (1kV)RoHS
S111TUES111TUECAP KIT CERAMIC 0.5PF-10PF 280PCCeramic0.5pF ~ 10pFSurface Mount, MLCC1000V (1kV)RoHS

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