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Murata Power Solutions Inc.
DMS-30DR Series
Murata Power Solutions Inc.
DMS-30LCD Series
Murata Power Solutions Inc.
DMS-30LCDA-4/20 Series
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DMS-30LCD Series

3½ Digit, LCD Display Digital Panel Voltmeters

Murata Power Solutions Inc.

Offering all the outstanding features and benefits of Datel’s industry leading DMS-20LCD series of 3½ Digit LCD panel meters, DMS-30LCD meters offer larger, more easily readable displays at slightly higher power consumptions. Like all DMS series LCD meters, these miniature (2.17” x 0.92” x 0.43”), epoxy encapsulated devices offer component like ease of use, outstanding reliability and easy installation in either panels or PC cards.

Product Description

DMS-30LCD devices operate from a single +5V supply or a 9V battery. Battery operated units typically draw 350µA and consume a mere 3.2mW. Backlit models are available for low light applications; though many designers prefer Datel’s unique low power LED meters in those circumstances.

Offering 4 optional input voltage ranges (±200mV, ±2V, ±20V or ±200V), DMS-30LCD meters have an extremely user friendly input structure. They can be used in differential or single ended modes. Input impedance is a minimum 800kΩ. CMRR is typically 86dB. CMV is ±2V, and inputs are overvoltage protected to ±100V.

Each meter incorporates an extremely stable, double regulated reference and is fully calibrated at Murata Power Solutions' factory prior to encapsulation. These extremely rugged meters are moisture and vibration proof and never require adjustment or recalibration. For popular applications (4-to-20mA, RMS to DC conversion, AC line power, J and K thermocouples, etc.), the DMS-30LCD series includes a complete line of "plug-on" application boards that conveniently convert your meter into an application specific instrument.

  • Large (0.4"/10.2mm), enhanced contrast, LCD display
  • Single +5V supply or 9V battery
  • Power as low as 3.2mW
  • Miniature size: 2.17" x 0.92" x 0.43"
  • Epoxy encapsulated, 12-pin DIP
  • Backlit displays optional
  • 4 differential input voltage ranges
  • High accuracy, ±1 count (±0.05%)
  • Autopolarity changeover and overrange indication
  • User selectable decimal point placement
  • Numerous "plug-on" application boards
  • 0 to +60°C temperature range
  • Display Characters - Height:0.401" (10.20mm)
  • Mounting Type:Panel Mount
  • Number of Characters Per Row:3.5
  • Operating Temperature:0°C ~ 60°C
  • Output Type:Reference
  • Panel Cutout Dimensions:Rectangular - 53.80mm x 22.30mm
  • Termination Style:PC Pin
  • Type:Voltage (Voltmeter)
  • Voltage - Supply:5VDC ~ 9VDC
  • Weight:0.046 lb (20.87 g)

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DMS-30LCD-2-5-CDMS-30LCD-2-5-CVOLTMETER 20VDC LCD PANEL MOUNT Voltage (Voltmeter)±20VDCLCD - Black Characters3.5RoHS
DMS-30LCD-0-5-CDMS-30LCD-0-5-CVOLTMETER 200MVDC LCD PANEL MT Voltage (Voltmeter)±200mVDCLCD - Black Characters3.5RoHS
DMS-30LCD-1-5B-CDMS-30LCD-1-5B-CVOLTMETER 2VDC LCD PANEL MOUNT Voltage (Voltmeter)±2VDCLCD - Black Characters, Backlight3.5RoHS
DMS-30LCD-1-5-CDMS-30LCD-1-5-CVOLTMETER 2VDC LCD PANEL MOUNT Voltage (Voltmeter)±2VDCLCD - Black Characters3.5RoHS
DMS-30LCD-0-9-CDMS-30LCD-0-9-CVOLTMETER 200MVDC LCD PANEL MT Voltage (Voltmeter)±200mVDCLCD - Black Characters3.5RoHS

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