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TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors
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TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors
DMC-M Series
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DMC-M Series

Quick Change Modular Connector Solutions For Aircraft IFE - Cabin and Avionics Systems

TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors

The DMC-M Series Connector is a modular connector standardized according to the most demanding avionics specifications, including EN4165. From its assortment of contact arrangements and insert layouts, to its light weight and reliability, DMC-M connector is the perfect interconnectivity solution for both new designs and custom retrofit applications.

  • Cable Termination:Crimp
  • Color:Black
  • Connector Type:Insert
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Number of Positions:8 ~ 20
  • Number of Rows:3 ~ 4
  • Wire Gauge:14-20 AWG ~ 20-26 AWG
  • Wire Type:Discrete

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DMC-M 20-22 SNDMC-M 20-22 SNDMC-M 20-22 SN InsertFemale Socket20-RoHS
DMC-M 20-22 PNDMC-M 20-22 PNDMC-M 20-22 PN InsertMale Pin20-RoHS
DMC-M 99-01 SNDMC-M 99-01 SNDMC-M 99-01 SN InsertFemale Socket11-RoHS
DMC-M 08-16 PNDMC-M 08-16 PNDMC-M 08-16 PN InsertMale Pin8-RoHS
DMC-M 99-01 PNDMC-M 99-01 PNDMC-M 99-01 PN InsertMale Pin11-RoHS

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