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Di-Cap® Series
Knowles Dielectric Labs
Milli‐Cap® Series
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Di-Cap® Series

General Purpose, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Ceramic Capacitors

Knowles Dielectric Labs

The Di-Cap® Series high performance single layer capacitors.

  • DC blocking, RF bypass, filtering and tuning
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:100pF
  • Features:Bonding Mountable, Gold Flash Termination, Single Layer
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount, SLCC
  • Notification:Current market demand for these product types have resulted in fluctuating and extending lead times. Lead times may differ.0
  • Packaging:Tray
  • Thickness (Max):0.005" (0.13mm)
  • Voltage - Rated:50V

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D20BU101K5PXD20BU101K5PXCAP CER 100PF 50V 0202 Tray100pF±10%50V0202 (0505 Metric)
D15BU101M5PXD15BU101M5PXCAP CER 100PF 50V 0201 Tray100pF±20%50V0201 (0603 Metric)

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