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Hirose Electric Co Ltd
DF52 Series
Hirose Electric Co Ltd
DF57 Series
Hirose Electric Co Ltd
DF58 Series
Product Description

Hirose has developed a 1.2 mm pitch, low-profile, swing-lock, wire-to-board connector for power supply applications. The DF57 series provides a reliable and secure connection with its unique swing-lock, double-locking mechanism. Two locks, positive lock and friction lock are provided in this small connector. The positive lock prevents accidental socket removal caused by cable pull while the friction lock prevents the socket from floating after mating.

  • Reinforced lock structure with swing lock
  • Highly reliable contact structure
  • Solder wicking prevention
  • Case disengagement prevention
  • LED displays
  • Touch panels
  • Small motors
  • Industrial robot
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Contact Finish Thickness:39.4µin (1.00µm)
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Pin or Socket:Socket
  • Wire Gauge:26-28 AWG ~ 32-34 AWG

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DF57-2830SCFDF57-2830SCFCONN SOCKET 28-30AWG CRIMP TIN -SocketCrimp28-30 AWGRoHS
DF57-2628SCF(41)DF57-2628SCF(41)CONN SOCKET 26-28AWG CRIMP TIN -SocketCrimp26-28 AWGRoHS
DF57-3234SCFDF57-3234SCFCONN SOCKET 32-34AWG CRIMP TIN -SocketCrimp32-34 AWGRoHS

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