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Delta Electronics
HET200xx and HET400xx Series
Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.
DA Series
Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.
DL Series
Product Description

Heat is absorbed through a cold plate and dissipated thru a high density heat exchanger equipped with an air ducted shroud and brand name fan. The thermoelectric modules are custom designed to achieve a high coefficient of performance (COP) to minimize power consumption. This product series is available in a wide range of cooling capacities and voltages. Custom configurations and moisture protection options are available, however, MOQ applies.

  • Compact design
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable solid state operation
  • DC operation
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Photonics laser systems
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Food and beverage cooling
  • Current:1.6A ~ 8A
  • Heat Transfer Type:Direct to Air
  • Power - Cooling:11W ~ 193W
  • Power - Input:11W ~ 178W
  • Voltage:5V ~ 24V

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DA-024-12-02-00-00DA-024-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 24W Direct to Air24W2.4A12VRoHS
DA-025-24-02-00-00DA-025-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 25W Direct to Air25W1.6A24VRoHS
DA-033-12-02-00-00DA-033-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 32W Direct to Air32W3.1A12VRoHS
DA-014-12-02-00-00DA-014-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 12W Direct to Air12W1.8A12VRoHS
DA-044-12-02-00-00DA-044-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 42W Direct to Air42W3.8A12VRoHS
DA-044-24-02-00-00DA-044-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 44W Direct to Air44W2.2A24VRoHS
DA-020-12-02-00-00DA-020-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 19W Direct to Air19W2.7A12VRoHS
DA-045-12-02-00-00DA-045-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 48W Direct to Air48W6.1A12VRoHS
DA-034-24-02-00-00DA-034-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 34W Direct to Air34W1.9A24VRoHS
387000873387000873THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 65W Direct to Air65W5.1A12VRoHS
387000918387000918THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 103WDirect to Air103W8A12VRoHS
387000913387000913THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 106WDirect to Air106W4.1A24VRoHS
DAC060-24-02-00-00DAC060-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 58W Direct to Air58W4.6A24VRoHS
387000624387000624THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 193WDirect to Air193W6.9A24VRoHS
DA-011-05-02-00-00DA-011-05-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 11W Direct to Air11W2.2A5VRoHS
DA-024-24-02-00-00DA-024-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 24W Direct to Air24W2A24VRoHS
DA-075-12-02-00-00DA-075-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 71W Direct to Air71W7.2A12VRoHS
DA-034-12-02-00-00DA-034-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 34W Direct to Air34W2.6A12VRoHS
DA-075-24-02-00-00DA-075-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 71W Direct to Air71W3.7A24VRoHS
DA-160-24-02-00-00DA-160-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 160WDirect to Air160W7.4A24VRoHS
387000866387000866THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 29W Direct to Air29W2.7A12VRoHS
387000848387000848THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 40W Direct to Air40W2.9A12VRoHS
387000177387000177THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 64W Direct to Air64W2.6A24VRoHS
DA-045-24-02-00-00DA-045-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 45W Direct to Air45W2.5A24VRoHS
DAC035-12-02-00-00DAC035-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 31W Direct to Air31W4.8A12VRoHS
DA-115-24-02-00-00DA-115-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 113WDirect to Air113W5.8A24VRoHS
DA-135-24-02-00-00DA-135-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 135WDirect to Air135W6.9A24VRoHS

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Laird Thermal Systems, Inc. TC-NTC-2
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