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Kyocera International Inc. Electronic Components
CX5032GA, Kyocera Series
Kyocera International Inc. Electronic Components
CX5032GB, Kyocera Series
Kyocera International Inc. Electronic Components
CX5032SB, Kyocera Series
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CX5032GB, Kyocera Series

MHz Crystal, 2-SMD, No Lead

Kyocera International Inc. Electronic Components

The CX5032GB, Kyocera Series is a small and low profile, ceramic surface mount crystal for consumer products.

  • Product with lead free terminations
  • Reflow compatible
  • Digital Electronics
  • Consumer Products
  • Car audio and accessories
  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance):100 Ohms ~ 300 Ohms
  • Frequency:8MHz ~ 27MHz
  • Height - Seated (Max):0.047" (1.20mm)
  • Load Capacitance:12pF
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Mode:Fundamental
  • Package / Case:2-SMD, No Lead
  • Size / Dimension:0.197" L x 0.126" W (5.00mm x 3.20mm)
  • Type:MHz Crystal

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CX5032GB08000H0HPQZ1CX5032GB08000H0HPQZ1CRYSTAL 8.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal8MHz±30ppm±20ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB08000H0HEQZ1CX5032GB08000H0HEQZ1CRYSTAL 8.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal8MHz±30ppm±20ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB16000H0PESZZCX5032GB16000H0PESZZCRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal16MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB10000H0PESZZCX5032GB10000H0PESZZCRYSTAL 10.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal10MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB12000H0PESZZCX5032GB12000H0PESZZCRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal12MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB12000H0HPQZ1CX5032GB12000H0HPQZ1CRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal12MHz±30ppm±20ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB16000H0HPQZ1CX5032GB16000H0HPQZ1CRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal16MHz±30ppm±20ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB20000H0PESZZCX5032GB20000H0PESZZCRYSTAL 20.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal20MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB14318H0PESZZCX5032GB14318H0PESZZCRYSTAL 14.31818MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal14.31818MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB27000H0PESZZCX5032GB27000H0PESZZCRYSTAL 27.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal27MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB24576H0PESZZCX5032GB24576H0PESZZCRYSTAL 24.5760MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal24.576MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB14745H0PESZZCX5032GB14745H0PESZZCRYSTAL 14.7456MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal14.7456MHz±50ppm±50ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
CX5032GB10000H0HPQZ1CX5032GB10000H0HPQZ1CRYSTAL 10.0000MHZ 12PF SMD MHz Crystal10MHz±30ppm±20ppm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS

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