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Essentra Components
CTMT Series
Essentra Components
CTR and WIT-RT Series
Essentra Components
CTWR Series
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CTR and WIT-RT Series

Polyamide, Nylon, Free Hanging (In-Line), Releasable Cable Ties

Essentra Components

The CTR and WIT-RT Series cable ties remain locked until intentionally released which makes them good for temporary bundling purposes or where future changes are likely.

  • Length - Approximate:4" ~ 14.5"
  • Material:Polyamide (PA66), Nylon 6/6
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Wire/Cable Tie Type:Standard, Releasable

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CTR006ACTR006ACBL TIE RELEASABL NAT 40LB 3.93"Standard, Releasable4"0.98" (25.00mm)0.141" (3.58mm)RoHS
CTR008ACTR008ACBL TIE RELEASABL NAT 50LB 7.87"Standard, Releasable7.75"2.17" (55.00mm)0.185" (4.70mm)RoHS
WIT-RT-1050-MWIT-RT-1050-MCBL TIE RELEASABL NAT 40LB 10.5"Standard, Releasable10.5"2.50" (63.50mm)0.210" (5.33mm)RoHS
CTR003ACTR003ACBL TIE RELEASABL BLK 50LB 7.87"Standard, Releasable7.75"1.97" (50.00mm)0.299" (7.59mm)RoHS
CTR011ACTR011ACBL TIE RELEAS NAT 50LB 1.214' Standard, Releasable14.5"4.02" (102.00mm)0.189" (4.80mm)RoHS
CTR005ACTR005ACBL TIE RELEAS BLK 50LB 11.81" Standard, Releasable11.75"3.15" (80.00mm)0.299" (7.59mm)RoHS

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