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ECMF Series
Sumida America Components Inc.
CPFC Series
Sumida America Components Inc.
LF Series

CPFC Series

Common Mode Chokes

Sumida America Components Inc.

DC common mode chokes.

  • SMD type
  • Small size
  • High impedance at wide range frequency
Applications :
  • Effective to DC line noise for LCD TV and PC
  • Current Rating (Max):1.5A ~ 5.65A
  • DC Resistance (DCR) (Max):15mOhm ~ 120mOhm (Typ)
  • Frequency Coupled to Impedance @ Frequency:20MHz ~ 160MHz
  • Impedance @ Frequency:200 Ohms ~ 1 kOhms
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Number of Lines:2

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CPFC74NP-PS10H2A15CPFC74NP-PS10H2A15CMC 1.5A 2LN 700 OHM SMD Power Line2700 Ohms100MHzVertical, 4 Gull WingRoHS
CPFC74NP-PS03H2A25CPFC74NP-PS03H2A25CMC 2.5A 2LN 300 OHM SMD Power Line2300 Ohms160MHzVertical, 4 Gull WingRoHS
CPFC74NP-PS01H2A30CPFC74NP-PS01H2A30COMMON MODE CHOKE 3A 2LN SMD Power Line2--Vertical, 4 Gull WingRoHS
CPFC805NP-100M05CPFC805NP-100M05CMC 4.5A 2LN 500 OHM SMD Power Line2500 Ohms100MHz-RoHS
CPFC6D36NP-100M06CPFC6D36NP-100M06CMC 2.5A 2LN 600 OHM SMD Power Line2600 Ohms100MHzHorizontal, 4 J-LeadRoHS
CPFC74NP-PS02H2A20CPFC74NP-PS02H2A20CMC 2A 2LN 200 OHM SMD Power Line2200 Ohms20MHzVertical, 4 Gull WingRoHS
CPFC85NP-WH07CPFC85NP-WH07CMC 4A 2LN 1 KOHM SMD Signal Line21 kOhms100MHzHorizontal, 4 PC PadRoHS
CPFC85NP-WH04CPFC85NP-WH04CMC 5.65A 2LN 300 OHM SMD Signal Line2300 Ohms100MHzHorizontal, 4 PC PadRoHS

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