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Brad 120098 Series
Commercial Micro-D Series
NorComp Inc.
CCA Series

Commercial Micro-D Series

Commercial Micro-D Shielded D-Sub Cable Assembly


This commercial line of shielded Micro-D products offers an economical solution for commercial applications that require the density of a microminiature connector.

Product Description

Next-generation Commercial Micro-D High-Density Connectors provide 4 times the density of standard D-sub connectors. Commercial Micro-D High-Density Connector’s rugged housings, reliable field performance and automatic polarization features ensure an ideal solution for military applications.

  • High-density 1.27mm center-line spacing
  • Economical for commercial applications
  • Rugged commercial design with a metal interface and grounding tabs
  • Improved mechanical and electrical shield conditions
  • Meets SSA industry standards
  • Allows for hot-pluggable applications
  • Crimp and poke configurations for hand or semi-automatic tools
  • Reduces tooling costs
  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Telematics
  • Data/Communications
    • Hand-held Scanner
    • Network switching and core routers
    • Servers
    • Storage
  • Industrial Automation
    • Machine vision systems
    • Motion and Process Controls
    • Pick-and-place robots
  • Medical
    • Patient Monitors
  • Military/Aerospace
    • Finger print scanners
    • Voice recognition
  • 1st Connector:Receptacle, Female Sockets
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Number of Positions:9 ~ 25

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08342190440834219044CABLE ASSY D TO MICRO D 9P 1.84MReceptacle, Female SocketsIndividual Wire LeadsD-Type, Micro-D9RoHS
08342190370834219037CABLE ASSY DB09 TO MICRO D 925MMReceptacle, Female SocketsPlug, Male PinsDB09, Micro-D9RoHS
08342190410834219041CABLE ASSY DB09 SHLD BLACK 1.84MReceptacle, Female SocketsReceptacle, Female SocketsDB099RoHS
08342490210834249021CABLE ASSY D TO MICR D 25P 1.83MReceptacle, Female SocketsIndividual Wire LeadsD-Type, Micro-D25RoHS
08342490620834249062CABLE ASSY DB25 TO MICRO D 1.83MReceptacle, Female SocketsPlug, Male PinsDB25, Micro-D25RoHS
08342190360834219036CABLE ASSY DB09 TO MICRO D 470MMReceptacle, Female SocketsPlug, Male PinsDB09, Micro-D9RoHS
08342190510834219051CABLE ASSY D TO MICRO D 9P 1.83MReceptacle, Female SocketsReceptacle, Female SocketsD-Type, Micro-D9RoHS

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