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Mini Modular White Breadboard
Twin Industries
Combination Protoboards
Twin Industries

Combination Protoboards

Prototyping Boards with Solderless Breadboard Module

Twin Industries

Combination boards combine standard prototyping boards with solderless breadboard modules. Components can either be soldered in place or easily removed and replaced from solderless area. Modules connected by traces to pad per hole area.

  • Number of 5-Tie Point Terminals:8 ~ 33
  • Number of Distribution Buses:1
  • Number of Tie Points (Total):8 ~ 165
  • Type:Distribution Strip (No Frame)

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OB1-LFOB1-LFBREADBOARD DISTI STRIP 4X4" Distribution Strip (No Frame)1165-
OB2-LFOB2-LFBREADBOARD DISTI STRIP 3.47X3.4"Distribution Strip (No Frame)140-
OB3-LFOB3-LFBREADBOARD DISTI STRIP 6.70X3" Distribution Strip (No Frame)1906.70" x 3.00" (170.2mm x 76.2mm)
OB2-MOB2-MMODULE SOLDERLESS 5X8 Distribution Strip (No Frame)183.47" x 3.40" (88.1mm x 86.4mm)

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