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General Cable/Carol Brand
Coaxial Cable
Molex - Temp Flex
Coaxial Cable
TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
Coaxial Cable
Product Description

Flexible Microwave Cables - are insulated with a fluoropolymer dielectric. A helically wrapped foil shield and braid are applied. A 70% VOP is achieved with a solid FEP dielectric around the center conductor and 85% VOP is achieved with the addition of monofilaments wrapped around the center conductor with an FEP dielectric layer applied over the monofilaments. Low loss, flexible microwave cables utilize Temp-Flex's patented monofilament technology proven to enhance performance at high frequencies. They are designed to be flexible yet rugged while maintaining consistent electrical performance.

Microminiature Coaxial Cable - Temp-Flex micro miniature coaxial cables have an O.D. of 9.3 mils (0.0093", 0.24 mm) and larger. Precise single extrusion technology incorporating insulated wires 44AWG and larger with less than 0.003" (3 mils) of pin-hole free fluoropolymer insulation, shielded with a serve or braid. The single extrusion technology is coupled with a round or flat wire shield for consistent dimensional control.

  • Conductor Material:Copper, Silver Coated
  • Impedance:50 Ohms ~ 100 Ohms
  • VoP, Velocity of Propagation:70 ~ 79
  • Wire Gauge:19 AWG ~ 42 AWG

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10019350861001935086CABLE COAXIAL 23AWG 100' Coaxial-23 AWG-RoHS
10019350471001935047CABLE COAXIAL 28AWG 200' Coaxial-28 AWG-RoHS
10006600531000660053CABLE COAXIAL 30AWG 200' Coaxial-30 AWG7 Strands / 38 AWGRoHS
10006600541000660054CABLE COAXIAL 26AWG 200' Coaxial-26 AWG7 Strands / 34 AWGRoHS
10006700271000670027CABLE COAXIAL 29AWG 200' Coaxial-29 AWG-RoHS
10006710471000671047CABLE COAXIAL 29AWG 200' Coaxial-29 AWG-RoHS
10006700311000670031CABLE COAXIAL 24AWG 200' Coaxial-24 AWG-RoHS
10006710861000671086CABLE COAXIAL 24AWG 24AWG 200' Coaxial-24 AWG-RoHS
10006700321000670032CABLE COAXIAL 19AWG 200' Coaxial-19 AWG-RoHS
10006711411000671141CABLE COAXIAL 19AWG 200' Coaxial-19 AWG-RoHS
1000620581100062058138 AWG 50 OHM 18 COAX CABLE 500'Coaxial-38 AWGSolid (18)
1000620582100062058238 AWG 50 OHM 34 COAX CABLE 100'Coaxial-38 AWG34 Strands / 38 AWG
10006500881000650088CABLE MICROCOAX 40AWG 50'/SPOOL Micro Coaxial-40 AWGSolidRoHS
100065-0023100065-0023CABLE MICRO COAXIAL 42AWG 50' Micro Coaxial-42 AWG7 Strands / 50 AWGRoHS
1000680071100068007132 AWG 100 OHM TWINAX, 100' Twinaxial-32 AWGSolid (2)
1000680080100068008032 AWG 85 OHM TWINAX, 100' Twinaxial-32 AWGSolid (2)
1000680046100068004634 AWG 100 OHM TWINAX, 100' Twinaxial-34 AWGSolid (2)
1000680107100068010729.5 AWG 100 OHM SHIELDED PAIR, Twinaxial-30 AWGSolid (2)
10006800851000680085SHIELDED PAIR 28 AWG 90 OHM, 100Twinaxial-28 AWGSolid (2)
1000680115100068011530 AWG 90 OHM SHIELDED PAIR, 100Twinaxial-30 AWGSolid (2)
1000680044100068004434 AWG 85 OHM TWINAX, 100' Twinaxial-34 AWGSolid (2)
1000680108100068010827.5 AWG 100 OHM SHIELDED PAIR, Twinaxial-28 AWGSolid (2)
10006800791000680079100 OHM 34 AWG TWINAX, 100' Twinaxial-34 AWGSolid (2)
10006800651000680065CABLE TWINAXIAL 32AWG 200' Twinaxial-32 AWGSolid (2)RoHS

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